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Blast From The Past

Sadly, the stupid blipverts are back. This week, it's Vincent and Loser Friend frolicking in the woods and acting all friendly-like. Except Dan Futterman looks like he's rather undergo a root canal than pose for these dopey photos. Ah, Dan.

At DCF, Maxine tells a "Celeste" that everything seems to be in order for Celeste to regain custody of her children, seeing as she's been off heroin and booze for a good long while, and she's gotten a both a job, and a promotion. ["Celeste is played by Viola Davis, who also played Nurse Peeler on City of Angels." -- Wing Chun] Celeste tells Maxine that everything is good, she just needs to get her kids back. Maxine explains that because the children have been in foster care for three years, the transition is not going to be easy. Celeste reasons that her eldest won't have too many problems adjusting, because they talk on the phone all the time, but she confesses that she's a little worried about the baby. The writers give the most blatant shout-out in the world by naming Celeste's older child Jessica. Come on. You know that's a shout-out! I choose to believe it, anyway. My little imaginary world is such a pleasant place to live. You ought to visit. Vincent and Scott Speedman live there, with me. Maxine is very pleased by Celeste's progress, and tells her that it's cases like hers which keep Maxine from packing it in in disgust. She explains to Celeste that as soon as her supervisor signs off on the case, they can go to court and get Celeste's babies back for good...as long as Celeste passes a home inspection. In the midst of her little speech about the importance of presenting a clean apartment to DCF, some lackey tosses Maxine a huge bouquet of roses, from Richard "Creepy" Crenna. Celeste is impressed, and when Maxine confesses that she has "no idea" what she's doing, romantically speaking, smiles and tells her that she's "getting a second chance. Like [Celeste is]." Hmmm. Do you think there's any way that both of these second chances will pan out? Just an informal poll.

Maxine joins Richard Crenna and his son Charles for lunch at an extremely fancy restaurant. Don't these people ever go to Hamburger Hamlet? Just wondering. Anyway, Charles is in mergers and acquisitions. Charles makes some snide remarks about Harvard, because he went to Yale. Blah blah blah smalltalkcakes, Maxine and Charles hit it off. I'm really, really, deeply embarrassed to admit this, but as much as I like to make fun of Maxine for always being right, and chewing up the scenery, I realized while watching this scene for the second time that I really actually like her. I'm sure I'll get over it. I liked Dawson Leery once, too. And then he spoke.

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