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Blast From The Past

Over at DCF, Maxine explains to Potter that Celeste "self-sabotaged." Potter wonders if Maxine thinks he's unqualified for his job. She tells him that while he's a "little green," he "seems nice and has no offensive personal habits." Like, you know, stealing. She says she's with him "95%," and tells him to "hope for the best." He sulkily gets off her desk and wanders back to his own. Buck up, little camper! Richard Crenna, at this point, makes a grand entrance, asking after her day. She tells him it sucked, and mentions that Charles stopped by to see her. Crenna asks if he came to say good-bye. Maxine says it was "something like that." Crenna says that Charles liked her. Maxine has no comment. She tells him that she's going to be a while. He tells her he has nothing but time. It was awfully nice of Maxine not to rat Charles out. I suspect, of course, that Charles shall return.

Back in the Van of Death, the sun has gone down, the mood has gone up, and right about now, it's time to finish the cup. The boys are still drinking. And listening to the radio. Man, Vincent is one cool customer. I haven't had the nerve to actually confess this to anyone before now, but I think that I love him. He and the Unabomber sing along to the Bruce Springsteen song on the radio. Loser Friend tells Bruce that the Boss totally sings about his life -- because he's the champion of losers. Maybe if Loser Friend gets though this rough patch, he can get a job in marketing for Bruce Springsteen, because I know that sold me!Vincent tries to convince the man in the van with explosives in the back that he is not a loser. Loser Friend doesn't buy it. He knows the score. Loser Friend tells Vincent that Vincent's childhood was soooo much better than his own. Whatever, dude. That doesn't give you the right to blow other people up. He berates himself for screwing up his own children's lives. Yes, blowing people up does tend to make you look like a bad parent. Vincent tries to convince Loser Friend that he still has a chance to turn things around with his kids, but Loser Friend cries that turning things around is impossible, that he's messed everything up. The man has a point. Vincent offers to explain things to the cops, and to help him get a lawyer. Loser Friend tells Vincent that he's can't go to jail, that he can't have his children knowing that about him. Vincent lies and says that he "doesn't think it'll come to that." He is so calm. He tells Loser Friend that he's going to go tell the cops that he's ready to talk. As Vincent gets out of the car, Loser Friend says, "thanks for everything," which I believe is TV Talk for "I'm going to kill myself now." Sure enough, when Vincent is about fifteen feet from the van, nodding to the police, the Van of Death blows sky-high in a huge fireball. Vincent is flung forward. Inside the courthouse, everything shakes and parts of the ceiling falls on Amy and Bruce's heads, as he grabs her and shields her with his body. Outside, the police and EMS guys cower behind their cars. Worst of all, Vincent lays, unconscious, maybe dead, in a ring of fire.

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