Judging Amy
An Impartial Bias

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An Impartial Bias

Outside the courtroom, Maxine runs Eliza down, to gloat over her victory. She cloaks it in concern, though, asking Eliza if she "wants to talk about it." Maxine points out that Eliza ought to be happy that Kevin is signing again and that Paul is learning. Maxine reveals that she was once Eliza's social worker, when Eliza was just a poor deaf orphan pain-in-the-ass (her words, not mine), that she knew even then that Eliza would be okay, no matter what happened, because she was so strong and feisty. And she tells Eliza that she sees those same traits in Kevin. Maxine pats Eliza on the knee and tells her that she did a good job. Eliza returns the compliment. How nice of Maxine, to take some time out of her gloating to compliment the opposition, although she does attribute all the opposition's success in life to her own efforts.

Donna nervously thanks Amy for helping her get the conjugal visit arranged. She then goes way personal and asks if Amy could recommend a book. A sex book. Amy extrapolates that Donna is a virgin. "Oh," she says, "that's so...special." Donna says that she's been waiting for the right person, and that it's taken some time. If the right person turns out to be a guy who's in jail for chopping up his mother, what kind of guy was Donna dating before this? Men who killed lots of people's mothers? Jeffrey Dahmer? Jeez, Donna, I know you're kind of awkward and all, but I think you could maybe raise the bar just a leetle bit. Donna tells Amy that she wants her first time to be memorable. Amy gives her a slightly incredulous, but not unkind look and says that "memorable, [they] can do." I guarantee you, sex with an inmate is bound to be memorable. Not that I know from experience, I'm just sayin'. It stands to reason.

At the Gray Compound, Vincent and Maxine are in the basement, talking about Willy Loman -- I mean, Vincent's father. Vincent, I love you, but therapy is your friend. Tell all this to a professional. Maxine tells him that his father "never settled for anything." She explains that the week he got into Yale, they found out she was pregnant with Peter. Maxine says that Vincent's father just traded one dream for another, and that his real dream was to have a family. He didn't want to miss his children's childhood for his career. Maxine tells Vincent that it was "[his] daddy" who talked her into having a third child -- Vincent. Vincent asks if this means she didn't want him. "Only in the abstract," Maxine replies, "you grew on me." Vincent asks Maxine what his father wanted him to be. "Happy," Maxine says. Vincent smiles his trademark Rueful Smile.

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Judging Amy




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