Judging Amy
An Impartial Bias

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An Impartial Bias

Back in chambers, Amy flounces in the door, drags Bruce in behind her and asks him what the hell his problem is. He says he doesn't have a problem. She calls him passive-aggressive. He says she has an "unreasonable need for [his] approval." She calls him Mr. Frosty. Can't the two of you see that you're fighting because you love each other? She tells him maybe it's just not going to work out between them. He says maybe it isn't. She says he disengages. He says he's being professional. Then, just as Bruce is getting ready to stomp out the door, he turns to Amy, and says, all passionately, "Do you want me to engage?" and he strides over to her and I swear to God, I think he's going to kiss her, but he just tells her that she made the wrong decision with the Chases. She says she didn't. He says Eryc ought to be raised by people who can help him cope with the racism inherent in society. Amy says some idealistic stuff about someday living in a color-blind society. Bruce tells her, "Until you have a child come home and tell you she was called a 'nigger,' you can't understand how impossible that is." He walks out. The score: 15 -- Love, Bruce Van Exel with the point.

Courtroom, but not Amy's. Paul Dexter tells the judge that he knows he screwed up, but that his brother is all that he has left. He makes his own mini-'Please, Your Honor, Don't Take My Child Away from Me' speech, and sits down. Maxine apologizes for the way DCF did the Dexters wrong, and vouches for Paul's ability to take care of Kevin. Eliza says that Paul is going to stunt Kevin's talents and abilities, because he's marginalizing him as a deaf person. Paul says that he's going to learn sign language. (As an aside -- sign language is so cool. I tried to learn it in college, but all I remember are a bunch of swear words and the first few lines of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. ["Fluency in ASL is one of my dad's many talents. When I was younger, he used to interpret mass. When he was courting my mom, he gave me the gift of a simplified sign-language dictionary featuring the Sesame Street gang signing the kinds of words kids would need to know, like 'friend' and 'candy.' My dad rules." -- Wing Chun]) Eliza says that Kevin has no future with Paul. I think Eliza is unable to see the forest for the trees, here. Just as the judge is about to make his ruling, the sign-language interpreter interrupts. Kevin wants to say something. Kevin gets up and goes off with the signing, saying that his brother is the best big brother in the world, and that they need each other. Kevin says that Paul taught him how to throw a curve ball and that he gives him hot chocolate, and that he reminds Paul to feel the fish and holds his hand at night when he gets sad. Kevin is crying, I am crying. Paul and Maxine are crying. Kevin promises that if they let him go home with Paul, that he'll use his sign language. Then, he stops signing and speaks, all teary. "I miss him," he says. I totally bawl my eyes out. The Judge lets Paul take Kevin. Maxine bursts into maniacal, all-knowing laughter, filled with the glee of being correct yet again. Well, not really, but you know she wants to.

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Judging Amy




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