Judging Amy
An Impartial Bias

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An Impartial Bias

Vincent, whom I forgot about until just now, is visiting Peter at the family's insurance firm. For some reason, Peter is dressed like a newspaper man from 1936; rolled-up white shirt sleeves, an argyle sweater vest, pleated gabardine trousers, a fedora. Well, no fedora, but it might be hanging on the hat rack in his equally retro office. Vincent, on the other hand, is dressed like a small child, in a sweet navy blue windbreaker-type coat and little button-down oxford shirt. He looks like Maxine dressed him before she left for work in the morning, although I suspect if that were the case she would have made him WASH HIS HAIR. Peter and Vincent yammer about the relative happiness of their father in his career. Peter tries to convince Vincent that insurance is exciting and satisfying. Vincent rolls his eyes and tells Peter about Yale Med. Peter just hrrrumps and says their father would have hated not being his own boss, and calls the insurance company their father's baby. "You really do like this job, don't you?" Vincent marvels, in the same tone in which anyone else would wonder why someone they knew liked the taste of human flesh. "Yes," Peter explains, "I do." Vincent looks -- say it with me, children -- pensive.

Halls of Justice. Mrs. Chase is on the stand, explaining that she and Mr. Chase are trying to be sensitive to their children's racial identity. She starts to cry as she tells the court that they have their dream now -- their family -- and the thought of losing it...she breaks down. She pulls it together enough to say that it would be cruel to take Eryc away from the sister he loves and the only family he's ever known. I sort of start to cry again, but I think it's just allergies.

Amy makes the conjugal-visit call to the warden. Boy, that's not embarrassing or anything -- having to make arrangements so that a co-worker can have sex. It's also embarrassing that the convict in question is named Oscar Pant. "Pant." Hee hee. Sorry. Anyway, Amy tries to talk the Warden into letting Oscar and Donna celebrate their love, while Donna hems and haws and paces around the office. Amy is really nice to her. I mean, I think of myself as a good friend, but I draw the line at making other people's sex dates, thank you.

Back in the courtroom, Amy tells Grandma and the Chases that Eryc is lucky, because he has so many people who love him. In the midst of her spiel, Bruce waltzes, late, into the courtroom. Dude, in the dictionary, next to the entry for "passive-aggressive," is a picture of Mr. Bruce Van Exel, sitting at his tiny desk in the corner and trying very, very hard not to care. Amy tells the court that she is granting the Chases custody of Eryc, but that his grandmother has visitation rights, with both Eryc and his sister. Grandma's lawyer huffs and puffs, as does the Chases' lawyer, but both potential parental parties look okay with the situation.

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Judging Amy




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