Judging Amy
An Impartial Bias

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An Impartial Bias

Later, Bruce trudges into Amy's office under the pretense of having her sign some papers. He totally passive-aggressively asks her if she needs anything else (like, oh, I don't know...his LOVE?), and when Amy asks him what's up, he begins to speechify that he would just like to say that -- well, we never find out, because Donna, Amy's very odd and awkward little sidekick (what exactly IS her job? Is she a court reporter? Or a secretary? Or the janitor? Or what? Because she clearly works at the courthouse, but no one seems to know what, exactly, she does) pops her head in and interrupts. Bruce doesn't want to go into his diatribe in front of her, apparently, and leaves all snappishly. Donna, who Amy married to a man serving time for killing his own mother and then chopping her into little tiny bits earlier in the season, wants Amy to meddle in her personal life again, this time arranging a conjugal visit for her and Oscar. How romantic. I've always wanted to get it on in a jail with a man who killed his own mother. If by "wanted," you mean, "would rather stick red hot knitting needles under my toenails and cross the street walking on my hands." Amy tries her darnedest to get out of it, but Donna acts all goofy and sad and Amy feel guilty, and relents and agrees. Donna gives her a huge and unprofessional hug. Amy looks scared. I think Donna has a really big girl crush on Amy, the way I used to have on Catherine Zeta-Jones, before she started keeping company with that groty old Michael Douglas.

Outside the courthouse, Bruce is waiting for a cab because his car is in the shop. Amy more or less forces him to let her give him a ride home.

Bruce and Amy then share the World's Most Awkward Ride Home. Bruce is completely snippy, and Amy tries to make him tell her why he's giving her the silent treatment. She tells him that not being open with one another will hurt their relationship. She bats her eyes at him. "Judge Gray," Bruce says icily, "You're my boss. That's our relationship." Ooooooh, Amy! Moded, corroded, your booty just exploded! To borrow a phrase.

Bruce enters his apartment, and Amy watches, all stalker-like, from her car. When his front door opens, a little girl runs out and he scoops her up into his into his arms. She calls him "Daddy," and he asks her sweetly about her day. Bruce -- a father. Who knew? Not Amy, who connects the dots, and realizes there has to be a Mommy in the equation somewhere. She looks disappointed, and, like every Gray in this episode, dismayed with the hand life has cruelly dealt her.

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Judging Amy




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