Judging Amy
An Impartial Bias

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An Impartial Bias

Amy and Bruce wander back to her office. She bemoans the fact that race is being made an issue when it's not supposed to be, in adoption cases. Bruce argues that while it can't be the main factor, she shouldn't ignore it, either. He gets all standoffish to Amy when she tells him that she's going to rule in the best interest of the child, no matter what. "You're the judge," he tells her. "What's that supposed to mean?" she asks. "It means it's none of my business," Bruce snips passive-aggressively, leaving Amy all by her lonesome in the hallway, looking forlorn in her turtleneck sweater.

Maxine and Eliza are before a judge in chambers, discussing the Frères Dexter. Eliza tells the judge that she wants Kevin placed in a foster home where he will be encouraged to sign, but Maxine pipes up that she disagrees. "Really?" asks the judge, in a weary and totally not surprised tone which indicates that he and Maxine have had a long and tedious relationship. Maxine thinks that such a move would be precipitous (I see she's been reading the "Word Power" section in Readers Digest again). "'Precipitous,' my ass," Eliza signs. She sure is one sassy deaf chick. Eliza and Maxine argue: Isolation from the hearing world. Family. Lack of Communication. Brothers. Insensitivity to the plight of the hearing-impaired. More importance of family. Fishcakes. The judge interrupts and says it sounds like failure to protect, and orders that the child be put in a safe foster home while they investigate Paul further. Maxine looks like she has a killer case of indigestion. Eliza looks smug.

After the trial, Eliza chases Maxine into the hallway. She apologizes, but says that she's doing what she thinks is right. "I know," Maxine says, "and I disagree with you. These boys love each other, and this is...WRONG!" She self-righteously stomps off, leaving Eliza to stew in her own juices.

In Amy's Halls of Truth and Justice, Grandma's lawyer makes the case that Grandma is healthy, wealthy and wise enough to care for Eryc. Grandma acts all feisty and starts spouting catchphrases like "spring chicken," "no one knows how long we have to be on this earth," "why don't you start digging my grave, right now, boy?" Everyone chuckles at her tenacious and spunky love of life, especially Bruce, although he does it to his tiny desk, because he's pretending he doesn't care what happens in this case. Amy gives Grandma a beatific smile. Grandma is not at all a stereotypical rendition of a sassy, Southern black grandmother type, except for the part where she totally is. Oddly, however, she, like Amy in the Halloween episode, is wearing her hair in a multi-braid updo. What's up with that?

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Judging Amy




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