Judging Amy
An Impartial Bias

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An Impartial Bias

Amy and Bruce flirt their way into her office. Those two are just so darn cute together.

Maxine, Eliza and the sign language interpreter arrive at the Dexter household. As Maxine notes, "The housekeeping leaves much to be desired." They poke around a bit and find this episode's designated Really Cute Kid -- Kevin -- watching TV, and alone in the house. Kevin doesn't have anything to say to any of them. The older brother -- Paul -- comes thumping through the door at this point, to deliver the obligatory 'We're Fine, We Don't Need Your Help' speech, which, as we all know, will eventually be followed by the 'Thank You for Saving Us From Sure Disaster, Maxine Gray' speech. Eliza exposits that Paul has never bothered to learn sign language, and asks him why Kevin has been missing school. Paul explodes, and says that he's sick of "this deaf chick hassling [him]! Who appointed her God?" Maxine looks displeased, probably because she knows that it was she who was appointed God, not Eliza. Although it's clear that the Dexters are wicked poor, and with a minor lack of respect for authority, it's also pretty clear that Big Paul really cares about Little Kevin.

Vincent opens his first class as a night-school instructor by telling his students that there are two essential books for any writer: The Great Gatsby and The Essential Rumi. I can give a big word to the Fitzgerald selection -- although I think anyone who's made it through high school has at least read it, but I've never heard of The Essential Rumi. Vincent tries to engage the class by asking how many of them have always dreamed of writing, or, for how many of them writing is an undeniable urge, or a need...or something they'd do if they had time...No one responds. Until one guy complains about having to buy extra books, and a woman asks if they're going to run late. Vincent is crestfallen at the utter pedestrian-ness of his students. Welcome to teaching, Vincent.

Amy's courtroom. The case? A custody hearing, mais oui. This time, a white couple wants to adopt the black child for whom they've been caring since his grandmother suffered a heart attack seventeen months ago. They had previously adopted the child's sister; the baby, Eryc, is thriving, and everything seems hunky-dory. Amy is all ready to give the family, the Chases, the go ahead when Eryc's grandmother -- Mrs. Raymond -- and her legal counsel burst in the room, just in the nick of time! She has recovered from her stint of poor health and wants her grandson back. The Chases look dismayed. Amy issues a continuance.

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Judging Amy




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