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The show started like a minute early, so my tape doesn't have the very beginning of the show, but I know that John went on America's Most Wanted to try to find someone out there who knows his identity. John explains about his amnesia. John Walsh asks if John has any clues to offer. John says that the song "My Funny Valentine" has some meaning, and then holds up a sketch of the woman who called out to him on the ferry. John Walsh asks America to help John Doe.

Frank shows up at a crime scene. Another detective says that a neighbor's cat came home with a finger, so the detective did a door-to-door search and they found a guy dead in his office. Frank checks out the body, and the other detective points out that the corpse looks terrified. Frank knows the dead guy -- he was a small-time private investigator. The other detective says that there are no prints or fibers, so it must have been a professional killing. Frank takes a key from around the corpse's neck and opens a hidden door. There's a small room back there filled with pictures of John Doe.

John looks around the room at all the pictures of himself. Lt. Bosslady comments on how John Doe shows up at every crime scene lately. Frank says that the P.I. was logging John's every move, but they don't know who was paying him. John says that someone is looking for him. Stu! Stu examines the body and says that the killer or killers didn't leave a trace. Frank thinks the P.I. was scared to death. Stu says that it was probably a massive coronary, but he doesn't know what induced it, since the P.I. was in pretty good shape. Maybe, but he's no Magnum. Frank picks up the P.I.'s shoes and socks, which were removed. John and Stu start jabbering about nerve endings and raised skin and blah blah blah until Frank (as usual) speaks up for the dummies in the audience and John explains that the victim was electrocuted. Lt. Bosslady theorizes that the victim was being interrogated and tortured, and was killed for not giving the right answers. Frank says that the answers were in the hidden room. Lt. Bosslady tells John that the good news is that someone knows his identity, but that bad news is that the person is a psycho. The other detective points out that there is only one entry in the P.I.'s organizer, for last Wednesday, with Madison P. John mumbles about the number of Madisons in the state. Lt. Bosslady leafs through the organizer and reads the names of the other appointments aloud. John puts together that the names actually stand for locations. Frank says that they're going to Madison Park, the last location entered.

At Madison Park, John talks to an artist who gives lessons in the park every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Frank says that they're having trouble getting witnesses to the clandestine meetings. John spots some of the students' paintings, and they all feature a figure that looks like the P.I. meeting with a guy in a black duster. Frank asks the teacher when they were painted, and the teacher confirms that it was the previous Wednesday. Frank says that it's hard to get a good luck at Black Duster in any of the paintings. John points out that Black Duster seems to be using sign language, and wonders what he's saying. Frank doesn't believe that the P.I. would have any reason to know sign language. Frank and John walk off, and we see that Black Duster was watching them the whole time.

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John Doe




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