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Ruby And Diamond Necklaces, Again

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Ruby And Diamond Necklaces, Again

Previously on Joe Millionaire: David took the women to a ranch, but some of the women didn't want to shovel horseshit, leading to Olinda's classic line, "This was supposed to be dream date, not shit date!" The women vied for David's attention, and David was interested in more than one of them. Olinda groped David in the pool, and accused the others of being jealous. David sent home three women, one of whom (Linda) asked if she could leave. Linda interviews that she regrets making such a fast decision. What? We never saw that before. I hate when they introduce new information in the "previously" segment. I think that, like introducing new evidence in the closing arguments of a trial, new footage in the "previously" segment should be illegal. I object!

Paul welcomes us back and explains that David was disappointed in the women's reactions to the ranch. Tonight, they will be taking a trip to Florence and David will have individual dates with the women. Paul asks, "Is it the money or [David's] charm that fuels the competition?" Well, we know it's not his charm. So it could be the money, or it could be the chance to be on television.

At the Grand Hotel Croce di Malta, David gets dressed while he voice-overs that he was disappointed that Linda wanted to leave, but that he's looking forward to going on dates with six beautiful women. Did some of the contestants we've seen so far get replaced? Because I don't know that I would classify all six of them as beautiful.

At the villa, Petra says she wants to take David on a fun date, to cheer him up. Olinda agrees. Petra interviews that it's difficult to get to know someone in a group, so she's excited about the date. I hope they don't go anywhere fancy, because Petra is wearing a camouflage tank top and low-rider jeans. Petra's car arrives, and she asks if she can sit in front. See, she's not fancy! Or she gets carsick in the back seat. Petra asks how long it will take to get to Florence, and the driver doesn't answer. Maybe she's being kidnapped.

In Florence, Petra meets up with David, and they exchange cheek kisses. David interviews that Petra looked great, and that they had fun. Petra tells David that he deserves a fun, relaxing date because of the tough elimination ceremony the previous night. David interviews that he and Petra went to the Ponte Vecchio bridge, which I think is like saying the "Old Bridge Bridge." Apparently, at this bridge, you write a wish on a lock and then stick your lock onto the mass of other locks already there. How in the hell did this tradition come about? I mean, locks? Seriously? Petra and David conveniently have locks with them. You know that some entrepreneur has set up a lock kiosk nearby, and does a ton of business. Petra and David discuss how they can't look at each other's wishes, or the wishes won't come true. Petra adds her lock to the mass, and we see that she wrote "Princess was here Petra." That's not a wish at all. Maybe her wish was written on the other side. David interviews that it's cool to think that their locks will be there for a long time. David tells Petra that it's like wishing on a star.

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