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Emerald Necklace

We get the same intro from the previous two weeks, with the flannel shirt and the fast food and the bulldozer. They added a little section at the end to bring us totally up to date as to which women are still around and which have been sent home. And then it's time for Masterpiece Theatre Redux, as Paul says that Evan's "posse of debutantes" is now down to five. Would someone like Paul really say "posse"? Paul says that Evan and the women are now headed to Paris, where they will get to know each other better. Hee, even Paul says "Mojo" like he's silently adding the word "fucking" in front of it. Paul wonders if Evan is winning the women's hearts, or if they're just after his money.

Paris. Evan and the women arrive at their hotel. In an interview, Evan says that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, but also one of the most expensive. Is that really true? It seems like New York or San Francisco would be comparatively more expensive. ["Or Tokyo." -- Wing Chun] And what does Evan care? It's not like he's paying for the women's hotel rooms out of his own pocket or something. At the check-in desk, one of the women says, "Merci" but she pronounces it more like, "Mare say." Did Heidi sneak back in when we weren't looking? In an interview, Melissa says that when they checked in, they were told that they were in the Eiffel Tower Suite. Evan notes that the women are in room 711. There's a Slurpee joke in there somewhere, and it probably involves Mojo. The women enter the suite. In an interview, Melissa says she gasped when she walked in and saw the Eiffel Tower. The women all squeal. Evan asks if it's a pretty view. Melissa says it gave her butterflies. Didn't she say that the first time she saw Evan, she got butterflies too? Maybe it's just tall things that give her butterflies. Maybe she just has a fear of heights.

In an interview, Evan says that, a month ago, he was working construction, and now he's in France, so it's "surreal." I love the implication that poor people aren't allowed into France. Like they have someone at Customs checking W-2s. Evan and the women drink champagne. One of the women tells Evan he knows how to "travel in style." In an interview, Evan says that he's just trying to figure out which woman would date a blue-collar guy like him. It just seems to me that the whole premise is flawed here. He's pretending to be rich in order to figure out if the women would date him if he were poor. That's like if I purposely wrote a recap with no jokes in it in order to see if people would laugh. It just doesn't make sense.

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