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Diamond Necklace

The car ride back to the airport is filled with awkward silence. In an interview, Evan says that after hearing about Zora's dream, he could barely look her in the eye, and "maybe she's some kind of psychic or something." Is anyone getting the feeling that they're setting us up for a finale where Zora reveals that she knew the truth all along because she is psychic? Evan and Zora both chomp on their gum and look out the windows until they get on the plane and head back to the chateau.

Melissa and Sarah eat a meal together. Paul walks in and neither of the women even says hello to him, and Sarah just says, "We thought you were Zora." I'm sure that as soon as Paul walked out of frame, he flipped her the bird behind her back. That's what happened in my version of the story, anyway. Paul responds that he's not Zora, and that he thought she could distinguish between them by now. Not one smile out of either woman.

Zora pulls up in the car and Paul lets her out. In an interview, Melissa says that if she met Zora in a coffee shop, she wouldn't give out her number. Who makes friends by giving out your phone number in a coffee shop? That was a weird thing to say. Melissa says she can't wait to see if Zora had a good time. Sarah can't wait to find out if Zora wore her bathing suit. Zora and Paul enter and Melissa is all fake-y nice, like, "Hi Zora!" with this really fake laugh, and then she tells Zora she likes her shirt. The editors really do a good job with letting these women hang themselves with their own rope, eh? Zora tells the other women that it was beautiful. Sarah asks if she slept, and Zora says not very much. In an interview, Sarah says they were trying to get some feedback from Zora. Melissa gives Sarah the bitchface in reference to Zora's silence.

In an interview, Zora says she's different from the other women, and doesn't know if they would be friends outside the show. Melissa asks if Zora kissed him, and Zora says it was nothing big. Melissa and Sarah want to hear more, and Zora stalls. In an interview, Zora says she didn't offer many details, and that she's sure that they had private moments with Evan that they didn't share. Well, we know Sarah did. Melissa and Sarah continue to pepper Zora with questions, and she reveals that there was a heated indoor pool. Sarah asks if the conversation was good, and Zora agrees that it was. Sarah offers a really, really insincere "Greeeeat!" In an interview, Melissa says that Zora is very mysterious regarding how she feels about Evan. In an interview that I think we've seen about twice already, Sarah says, "Now is the time, if he's falling for one of us, it would behoove the rest of us to know that." The only other person I've ever heard use the word "behoove" is Muffy from Square Pegs, as excellently portrayed by one Jami Gertz. I think they're trying to make it out like Zora is being purposely quiet, but I got the impression that she's not supposed to share a lot of information since Sarah hasn't gone on her surprise date. I mean, Melissa didn't come in and spill everything either. Sarah brings up the elimination ceremony. Melissa thinks it'll be interesting. Sarah says that sitting in the room is the worst part, along with the speech Evan gives afterward. That reminds Zora that she told Evan that Melissa hates his little speeches. Melissa's face falls and she goes, "Zoraaa!" Zora apologizes. Oh, like she didn't know that would make Melissa look like a bitch. Man, the claws are out. In an interview, Melissa says she thinks Zora is very sweet, but perhaps not innocent. She concludes, "Maybe there's a little more to Zora than we all know." Man, they are totally hinting at something here. I'm sticking with the psychic prediction.

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