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Diamond Necklace

Zora and Evan arrive at their vehicle. The driver opens the door for Zora and she gets in and scoots over to make room for Evan. The problem is that Evan already walked around to the other side to use the other door. Zora doesn't notice, so he scoots back around to the original side. Hee! That was funny in a totally unplanned way. Evan and Zora check out the scenery on their drive. They go by a construction site, like, do you get it? Maybe Evan, upon seeing the equipment, will be overcome with emotion and start crying about how he misses Bessie, his backhoe. Zora chomps on her gum and asks if Evan was checking out the building site. Evan laughs and says that she busted him checking out the bulldozer. Evan tells her that she's the only person who would notice him checking it out.

Zora and Evan stand on top of a hill and look at the scenery. In an interview, Evan says that with Zora, even when they weren't talking, they were still having a blast and smiling. Zora says she didn't think it would get much better than horseback riding, but this is the best. They're totally drinking champagne out of Dixie cups, like, the production staff couldn't at least spring for plastic champagne flutes? Evan tells her it'll be even better when they get to the hotel. They get back into the car. Evan plays with Zora's hair and smells it, like, is he part monkey or what? Is he going to start grooming her? Evan voice-overs that he wanted to kiss Zora but he knew that it was important that he couldn't force her or she would stop trusting him. Well, it's good to know that otherwise he would have forced her to kiss him. Because that's sexy. And legal.

Zora and Evan arrive at the hotel. In an interview, Zora says the hotel was nice and seemed cozy. Evan goes to her room to get her for dinner. She's wearing a strappy black top and skirt and heels with her hair up. He's wearing a green cotton sweater and khaki pants. Seriously. Didn't Paul help him pick out some appropriate outfits? In an interview, Evan says that he wanted their date to be special, but the first thing out of his mouth was, "Did you get that breast in Paris?" Way to step on the joke, editors. Because then we see Evan, at dinner, stammering, "Did you, uh, did you bring that breast, that uh dress with you, or...?" How much funnier would that have been if he hadn't told us he was about to say it? And then they could have replayed it a few times. Also, smooth move, Ex-Lax. And I can't believe he's still claiming to be a leg man. Zora laughs and asks if he wants to finish his sentence. Evan blushes. Zora says she's going to kick him under the table, and then pulls up her top and says that it's a skirt and a top. Her boobs really are being pushed up and over the top, though. Evan blushes some more. Zora asks if the food is salmon, and Evan says he thinks it is, as they both desperately try to change the subject. In an interview, Evan says that she laughed about it.

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