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Diamond Necklace

Time for dinner. In an interview, Evan says that Melissa looked great during dinner, and that her look is very appealing, because she's curvy. Translation: she wore a push-up bra and her boobs were falling out of her top. In an even classier move, she's wearing a red wrap dress and a black bra, with the bra peeking out. The waiter begins listing off the food. In an interview, Melissa says that she had a dress on that "showed cleavage." Showed cleavage? That's the understatement of the year. Melissa adds that she hasn't been wearing provocative things around Evan, so this was his first glimpse of her "bod." First of all, never say "bod." Ever. Second of all, did I miss the part where she wore a burqua in the hot tub? Because I thought she wore a bikini. Evan voice-overs that when he looked at Melissa, he tried to "hit the eyes," but ended up "going a little lower." Yes, but he just wants a woman who will love him for who he is, not those silly superficial reasons. In an interview, Melissa says she could feel him looking at her. Evan tells Melissa that she's popping out of her bra. Yet another classy move. Also, you'd think a goon like Evan would enjoy the show and let her figure it out on her own. Melissa adjusts her dress.

The meal continues. Evan says that he didn't want the women to get "these delusions" that he's perfect. Somehow I doubt they think Evan is perfect. I do not, however, doubt that the women are deluded. Melissa says she hopes he has some faults. Evan says that in dating, he wonders if the women like him for him or for his money. Melissa has no comment, except to say that he'll battle that for a long time. Or another few episodes, anyway. She adds that each woman has her own agenda for coming to meet him. Evan says that it shows through eventually. Melissa says that what intrigued her about him, putting aside the car and the horses and the jet, was that he is "such an average person." Is that supposed to be a compliment? She adds, "You don't seem like you have a lot on your mind." Dude, she is a mercenary! That was a total burn and yet I really think she felt like she was giving him a compliment. Evan totally agrees with what she said, mostly because he wasn't listening. In an interview, Evan says he was trying to listen to her, but he "couldn't keep [his] eyes off her...dress." Is he like a bull, where he was transfixed by the red color? Or he was admiring the designer...oh, I getted it. He was staring at her boobies some more. When he used that euphemism, it totally threw me. Melissa says that she's dated men with money, and it's not hard to do, but she's looking for a real person and money doesn't matter. Cut to an interview with Melissa saying, "Now, I would be lying to you if I sat here and said money doesn't matter at all. Money matters! Money talks, money matters." I love when they catch people being all hypocritical.

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