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Diamond Necklace

Melissa takes the car to the airport. Evan helps her out when she arrives. Melissa says she's excited. In an interview, Evan explains that he's taking the women to some exclusive places on the French Riviera. He has to add the disclaimer that he's never been there and doesn't know much about it, like, I totally forgot that he's a construction worker who makes $19,000 annually, except that I didn't because they only remind you every five seconds. Evan is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, I think. Remember at the beginning of the show when he used to get dressed up all the time? I feel like they've totally given up on that.

Melissa and Evan get on the jet. Melissa thinks it's beautiful. In an interview, Evan says that the dates are getting more intense because they are overnight. So how long are the dates? It seems like they would tell us that information. Melissa says she wishes she knew where they were going, all passive-aggressive. If you want to know, ask. Oh, I forgot. She's living in the pre-feminist era where women aren't allowed to question men's decisions. In an interview, Evan says that he wants to get to know the girls' true motivations because he has to make some important decisions soon. Like whether he's going to let Sarah give him another hummer before he gives her the boot.

Melissa and Evan get out of the plane. In an interview, Evan says he thought it was cool to get off the jet with "this really beautiful girl on [his] arm." What? Who? Oh, Melissa? Sadly, J-Dawg (my husband, for those of you new to my recaps) told me that he thinks Melissa is the prettiest one, just going on looks. This troubles me. I think Sarah is actually the prettiest, based on looks alone. I don't think we'll get a divorce over it, though. I know you were all totally biting your nails over that one. Melissa asks where they are, and Evan reveals that they are in Cannes. Although I think he has a cold or something, because I totally thought he said "Cob," as in "corn cob." Melissa giggles and twitters and bats her eyelashes. In an interview, Melissa puts on a French accent to say that they landed in Southern France. Shut up, Melissa. Melissa and Evan get into a car. In an interview, Evan says that Melissa is fun and upbeat and that he was excited to explore Cannes with her, because "this is the place where millionaires go to play." Except this time, he pronounces the city's name "Can." Also, I think Melissa stole Mojo's shitty sunglasses from a few episodes back.

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