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Diamond Necklace

Mastercheese Theatre. Paul tells us to join him next week, and says that it's a good thing the show's almost over because he's almost out of cognac. As Eddie Izzard would say, he really does like to leave us with that sort of "eh" feeling, no?

Coming up (but note that it's not necessarily next week): They show a lot of clips that we've already seen as Evan talks about how difficult the decision will be. We see Evan telling someone that he hasn't chosen her, and also saying (to the same woman?) that what he's about to say might come as a shock. People on the forums were concerned that a shot of Sarah getting a necklace was a spoiler, but it's totally a clip from the first episode of her getting her pearl necklace (hee!). I still think the coolest ending would be if they brought back all of the eliminated contestants and we got to see their faces when they found out that Evan is poor. I just can't believe that the production company missed that boat, so I choose to believe they're saving it all for the finale. Or maybe next week will be the alternates finding out, and then the following week is the two-hour finale. Who knows? I'll see you next week.

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