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Diamond Necklace

Sarah gives Evan some of her gnocchi and he thinks it's great and is pissed that he didn't get it. She keeps feeding him pieces. Well, actually I think they show her feeding him from two different angles to make it look like it happened more often. Evan keeps wishing he got the gnocchi. He pretends to put ears up like a begging puppy and she gives him another piece. Sarah keeps making the orgasm noises. The waiter returns and Evan asks if there's more gnocchi. In an interview, Evan says that he got two entrees at dinner. Evan's gnocchi arrives and he's a happy man. Did he really eat a whole steak and then a whole other entrée? Damn.

Evan and Sarah walk outside and Sarah exclaims over how big and bright the moon is. Evan's like, "Buuuuuuuuurrrp!" Because, dude! He just ate a lot of food! Evan opens yet another bottle of champagne and manages to hit himself in the face. Sarah laughs and laughs. In an interview, Evan says that Sarah was having a good time and enjoying his company. Sarah tells Evan to climb a nearby tree. Evan asks why, and Sarah says she just wanted to see if he'd do it. Not the most stimulating conversation, but better than toe fungus. In an interview, Sarah says that it was perfect. They cuddle closer. The editors totally dub in footage that was taken from a different conversation over a long shot of Evan and Sarah together. Sarah says she trusts Evan. He says that he's a guy and not a white knight and he's not perfect. Sarah replies that she feels comfortable with him. They kiss. In an interview, Evan says that it was good. They kiss some more.

In an interview, Sarah says she didn't want their good time to end. Evan walks Sarah back to her room. In an interview, Evan says he thought he'd be a gentleman and give her a kiss goodnight. They kiss. Evan promises to call her the next morning and leaves. She changes her clothes and goes and knocks at Evan's door. In an interview, Evan says that not ten minutes later, Sarah was back. Evan opens his door with no shirt on. Sarah says she has to look at something and tells him not to take his pants off yet. "Yet"? Interesting. In an interview, Evan says that Sarah wanted him to look at the moon again, and that they'd already seen it, so he saw through her clever ruse. Evan and Sarah sit out on the balcony snuggling and making out under a blanket. They drink some more champagne. In an interview, Evan says he likes a girl to be more aggressive and let him know it's okay to make a move. He does? Then why does he like Zora? In an interview, Evan says he was thinking to himself that Sarah could be the one. Sarah makes more orgasm noises as they snuggle. In an interview, Sarah says she thinks she had Evan's undivided attention, which was her plan. Hey, I don't see all four hands, people! In an interview, Evan says, "What was going on under the blanket? Uh, a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell." Then they show the Closed Hotel Door of Implied Sex.

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