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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

Previously on Joe Millionaire: David took the women on romantic dates (hey -- there's something different), and Cat was "very forward." David eliminated Giada, and she didn't "explode like a bomb," and he also eliminated Kristyna. Olinda fought with Cat and Petra, and got eliminated. Cat was the lone German left against the two Dutch girls, and Anique compared it to World War II.

Paul welcomes us back and sums up everything that we just saw in the "previously" segment. Paul says that David will take the remaining three women on "jet-set dates" to help him figure out who likes him for who he is, and not his money. Paul says that one of the previously eliminated girls asked to come back and talk to David again, and "we" obliged. I love how Paul just slips that in there, like it doesn't totally screw up the whole game. And also, how Paul pretends like he has anything to do with the production or direction of the series, when we all know that he just gets paid (hopefully) a decent amount of money to make segues and move the action along.

The women eat breakfast at the villa. Petra sits at the table with her hood up, all Eminem in 8 Mile. Petra interviews that she doesn't think David made the right decision in eliminating Olinda. Well, it's too bad David didn't ask Petra's advice before eliminating one of her romantic rivals. I can't imagine why he didn't. Cat interviews that she thinks Petra wanted Cat to be eliminated, and she doesn't know why. Petra voice-overs that Cat just doesn't talk, and it's rude. I kind of get the vibe that Cat doesn't understand English that well. She doesn't speak it as well as some of the other women do, anyway. Maybe she doesn't talk because she's not sure which words to use, or she doesn't fully understand what the other women are talking about. Anique interviews that Cat isn't open and honest with them. Did they come there to make friends or to meet David? I guess I just don't understand why Cat has to be friendly with them. It's not summer camp. Petra interviews that, with Anique there, she feels like "Dutch girls rule." Paul walks into the room and congratulates them for "joining the diamond club," and then announces that Anique has to be ready to leave for her date at noon.

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