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Last Days of Summer

Previously: They came. They drank. They singlehandedly destroyed the reputation of everyone from Jersey. And now they are all grown up and going to get drunk and sloppy off camera. Now, for their last days at the Shore, they're having a big bonfire and inviting all their friends and family. Ron has no idea what they need for this, because he's from New York and thinks a bonfire is four crackheads around a container. So Pauly and Vinny go shopping for wood. They make morning wood jokes, because they have literally never built a fire in their lives. This will be like early man trying to start a fire. Because they're buying such a big dolly cart full of wood, Vinny decides to walk it home instead of having to unload it a million times. Pauly follows in the car.

They get the beach all set up and start to make the essentials: Ron Ron Juice. They start their fire, then go home to get ready and head back to the beach. This beach is way too empty, which means they must have closed it down for this. Everyone's parents show up, as well as Vinny's Uncle Nino, Mike's siblings and "Pauly's guests," says Ron. I wonder why Pauly doesn't have a family. Roger and Jionni arrive. Roger has a giant bouquet and Jionni has a little bouquet. Vinny makes jokes about it, but Jionni handpicked those flowers from all of his neighbors' yards. He totally stole them for his baby mama, y'all. They play some football on the beach and Mike decides to take on Jionni in a battle, telling us all how fast and catlike he is. But Jionni wins. Snooki thinks it's super-hot. She says he's going to get "extra peepee time" for beating Mike at football. The fact that she calls it peepee time is disgusting.

Pauly tells Uncle Nino he and Vinny rode the skylift together, and Uncle Nino is happy to hear Pauly's going to be his niece. Sam talks to her parents about Ron, and then recaps for us all of the highs and lows that they've been through. She says they have an amazing connection that no one understands. And she tells her mom and dad that she and Ron are going to move in together. Her dad laughs. Ron tells his dad too, but his dad thinks he has his whole life ahead of him and should just enjoy it. Sam's dad seems to agree back in their conversation, because he tells her how bad their relationship was in the beginning. She asks him to drop it and hopes Ron and her dad can get along and everything will be okay.

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