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The Tri-Funk-Ta, or Meatball Walking

The Situation hangs up the phone, but it quacks a split-second later. Baby Deena's ears must have been burning because it's her. He asks her how things are going with his brother, and BD tells him from the land of ignorant bliss that she'd love to see Sitchlet again. She claims they talk every other day on the phone. Sitch nearly does the humane thing in telling her that his brother just got out of a long relationship, but he undoes all the gentle letdown potential at the end telling her, "but at the same time I know he likes you. I want things to work out between you guys because I think it's cute." She takes his domino setting-up in earnest, not knowing he just wants to have something to laugh at when it all falls apart. Then he can't help himself to implore, "Tell your sister that I spoke to you and that I'm very nice -- because she thinks I'm the devil." And after tonight, so will Baby Deena

Upstairs, the kids are partaking in old-timey fun, tossing beans and flying kites. Sitch tells Deena about his devil comment to BD. Deena breaks down the semantics: "I don't think you're the devil, Mike. Sometimes I think you're devilish." As she says this, smoke wafts around his head (from his cigarette, but still...). Deena insists she'll always be on her toes with Sitchy.

The next morning, Vinny and Pauly heads to the gym, where Roger vents to them about his frustration that JWOWW is talking down to him. Vinny thinks JWOWW needs to grow up. They head home and report Roger's side of the story to JWOWW and urge her to call him. JWOWW admits she still thinks Roger is wrong but swallows her pride to call Roger and apologize to him. He turns the tables and acts just as stank to her as she did to him the other day. He thinks it's his turn since she "said [her] piece and then hung up like a coward." He says the tension between them has been building for weeks because she doesn't trust him. He calls her a hypocrite and threatens that will be "damned" and "ruined" if she doesn't get over herself.

Next week: The painful phone call continues. The Meatballs bake Danny a "We're sorry" cake. Snooki suggests he and Snooki suit up in whipped cream, but it's Deena who gets the sweet, sweet lovin' with an old hook-up (while Snooki watches). Things turn bitter when Roger gets in a fight defending JWOWW's honor.

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