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The Tri-Funk-Ta, or Meatball Walking

Pauly and the Meatballs head to work, aching to make trouble. They bitch about the broken air conditioner then spend several minutes playing the follow game (i.e. running one after another). They're short enough that Danny can barely see their neon pink trucker hats bobbing up and down over the clothing racks. When he's not looking, they slip out of the store and go running down the Boardwalk. Freedom! Now they know what it must have felt like for William Wallace. One of their coworkers immediately guesses they probably ran to the bar (where there are, indeed, ordering two shots of SoCo... what was that about AA, Snooki?). Danny heads off to bring back the "dingbats."

As he walks out, Pauly jokes, "Put the music on, the boss is gone!" But there would be no music. Except maybe the Bernard Herrmann-esque shrieking of violins because Pauly quickly spots his stalker, whose clear awareness of the camera and pointed looks at the camera are kind of starting to think she's a little wackadoo. I know a Situation she'd get along nicely with! Pauly walks deeper into the store to hide from his pursuer. Coincidentally, that's exactly what Snooki and Deena do when Danny (who, according to Deena, "is being such an annoying") arrives at the bar. Shockingly Snooki's gamble on hiding under a ping pong table in broad daylight doesn't pay off. The girls, it turns out, are not above the law, and Deena tells Danny as they shame-walk back home, "You're not my friend anymore." Adding insult to injury, just a few minute later, a girl asks, "Where a good place to get a drink on the Boardwalk?" Since the girl is apparently a bachelorette, the girls appoint themselves her Meatballs of Honor and take her for a drink. Danny notices a little later and asks, "Are you kidding me?" The shift is winding down, so he defeatedly asks Pauly to tell the Meatballs they're in trouble.

Back at the house, Sitch is still sleeping and snoring, snoring and sleeping. Pauly arrives home to tell the others about his stalker. JWOWW thinks this girl is like Kathy Bates' character in Misery and is but a sledgehammer away from "smashing [Pauly's] kneecaps [sic]." Pauly also tells them about the Meatballs dipping out of work, and everyone decides to go find the little drunken moppets, though JWOWW admits she's only joining the bandwagon because she doesn't want to get stuck at home with Sitch. They roll out and quickly find the Meatballs dancing like it's Riccione 2011. JWOWW splinters off from the guys to join them, and Snooki admits she's happy her girl has hit a rough patch in her relationship because it means she'll join them in getting Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7Next

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