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Previously: Awkward baby shower! Jenni thinks Jionni's not around enough, and the guys tell him that's because Snooki says it. And that's pretty much all that matters. (As if any of this matters.)

Morning at the Shore House. Ron's eating something in the kitchen when Jenni calls Roger. He starts out by saying he doesn't want to fight and this isn't their issue, but Jionni hit him up and told him all the boys are pointing the finger at her for raising the issue of Jionni never being around. Which, first of all, isn't totally true. I mean, Ron was saying it too. And, second of all, I really did think they were telling Jionni that Snooki was saying it, not Jenni, but I must have misunderstood. Jenni's immediately pissed at Jionni, and then realizes she's pissed at the guys, so she calls Mike over and asks if they said she's been stirring the pot. Mike says that they said she got him kind of good at dinner, and she acknowledges that, so they fist-bump. Well, that was easy for the boys. Roger tells her to call Jionni and get to the bottom of it. They say they love each other, and she gets off the phone.

Jenni, who's not a total idiot, decides to talk to the guys in the house before calling Jionni and chewing his ass. So she asks them all if the four of them told Jionni she was talking shit about him. They all stick together, and say what Mike said. Then Jenni calls Jionni, and says, "Now let's hear this version." Jionni basically says exactly what the guys said, which is that she called Jionni out at the dinner. Jionni says they never see him, and were assuming the worst, but apparently he's been around a lot more than they thought. So then they tell each other they love each other, and it's over.

Wow, that was so intense.

Vinny asks who wants to take a ballroom dance class with him, and it somehow turns to Mike saying that he ended up stripping through college. He insists he wouldn't have stripped for a guy even if he paid him. They all want him to strip for them, then. He resists their pleas, but Vinny gets up and dances to the stripper music in his own head.

That night, they all get ready to go out. Deena tells us Chris is coming out, so she's going to look really hot and sexy. Paula greets Jenni, and Jenni thinks Paula's trying too hard in her skin-tight dress tonight. She knows Mike will notice her tonight, but isn't sure whether it will be good or bad. Mike comes over and tells her she looks nice, and she says she'll let him get to his shit. Pauly thinks it's kind of weird that Paula's stalking Mike. "I mean, I deal with stalkers all the time, but not ex-girlfriend stalkers. That's a whole other level." Deena is dancing it up with Paula, and she thinks she's trying to show Mike what he's missing since he's dancing with grenades, and Paula's looking hot. Then, some girl comes and hits on Mike, and rubs herself all over him. They talk dirty (and by dirty I mean gross) and rub on each other some more as Paula spots them and gives them the evil eye. She walks by, and hits Mike, and says, "That's enough. Don't talk to me!" It breaks up his gross-fest with this new girl, and he looks half amused, half annoyed.

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