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Previously: Does it really matter? You already know MTV is going to repeat all the "important" stuff. If you forgot, though, we are back at Bamboo, where Mike had a total stalker. That turned into a mild fight, but then a huge fight began. That's where we pick up: by repeating the beginnings of that fight that we were left hanging with last week (which, really, is unfair after four hours of monotony). Pauly D explains that "it's nuts," with Roger laying out bouncers and stuff. Vinny's actually trying to get into the middle of it, it looks like, and Ronnie is holding people back. Which is the opposite of what I've come to expect from these two. And JWOWW is still in Roger's face trying to stop him from ... laying out bouncers, I guess. Which is when he totally horribly, disgustingly pushes Jenni. To her credit, she says she's effing livid. She gets up and throws her drink in his face, which is awesome. She says she didn't do it to be malicious, but to tell him, "Check yourself. Seriously."

Ron, the voice of reason, decides everyone needs to get out of here. Like now. Roger takes off, pulls away from Jenni, and she chases him down the street. When it should really be the other way around. He should be the one begging for forgiveness. He talks to his fighting friend from last week about how chicks have no business being involved when boys are fighting. Jenni interviews excuses of how he doesn't know his own strength, and then tells him she's not mad at him. I mean, he totally didn't know it was her, you guys. This is gross. Please, America, if you are watching this, explain to any young girls who might see it that this is really not okay. Jenni and Deena do end up taking off and leaving Roger there with his friend, though. And they seem to be just as puzzled about who was fighting at Bamboo as we all were. All that Jenni knows for sure is Roger was fighting, and then he launched her across the club. She says he was going to swing at her, and seven bouncers had to stop him. Deena, a terrible friend, tells her that she doesn't think he'd really do that, because he loves her. Though she interviews later that a guy shouldn't hit a girl. How is this not a black and white issue?

Back at the Shore House, Ron asks if he can call Roger, and Jenni says okay, but she doesn't want to speak to him. Ron tells her to stop, and calls Roger. He says he's worried Roger might have gotten arrested, and that can't be happening because he has a job and everything. So Roger answers and talks shit about Jenni -- how now she's "playing the victim," which ... just no. Her boyfriend, as she'd say, "legit" pushed her. She is actually not acting upset or angry enough about this, if you ask me. Or anyone who believes in basic human rights. Roger tells Ron he's done coming to Seaside. He's too old for this. Which is true. I mean, most of these people are. But Ron thinks he's just angry. He gets off the phone and tells everyone just that, and Sam's like, "This (meaning Roger being mad) is so not good for Jenni and Roger." I guess, having been in a semi-abusive relationship herself, she would see it that way. But what wasn't good for the relationship was Roger pushing his girl. And that should be the end of story. If only Jenni had one friend - or family member -- who'd tell her this. But MTV isn't helping, as it plays sad, love-lost music over Jenni going into her bed. Because a girl without a meathead boyfriend is the saddest thing in the world, don't you know?

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