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Gym. Tan. Break Up With Paula.

Jenni's filling the house in on her plan to throw Nicole a secret Shore Shower to show Nicole that everyone supports her and her pregnancy. Vinny thinks he can't go, but Jenni says he's invited. She wants him to talk to Jionni, but Vinny doesn't care about being cool with Jionni. He thinks that if Nicole really wanted Vinny to make up with Jionni, she'd tell him instead of Jenni do it. So, he's not believing it.

Deena, Sam and Jenni go to coffee to plan her pre-baby shower at Rivoli's. They plan to go to the baby store and call themselves "Team Cooka." They spend 20 minutes trying to spell hors d'oeuvres, which would be funny if it were a word that's easy to spell. But I think a lot of people have issues with that word. Jenni calls Jionni and fills him in on the shower and how it's a big secret and she needs him there. She interviews that this party is a lot of pressure for her because it's about her godson. The girls go shopping for real baby gifts, because they don't want to do the Shore Store thing. Deena and Sam get sort of excited to have their own babies someday and Deena tells us which baby toys she remembers playing with as a baby. I think she means when she's a baby.

Back at the house, Mike gets a call from Paula, who's pissed off that she's heard that Mike wants to break up with her. He says that he didn't say that, but he did say that she's not the same girl he's spent the past three summers with. He told her he'll probably come see her a little later at work. She starts crying and then he gets all nice, calling her "babe" and "sweetie." He says he's just trying to figure stuff out, just like her, and he'll see her later.

Deena and Snooki take Snooki's wheelchair for a drive together and the cops pull them over for having two people on it. Deena gets off, because she doesn't want to get arrested again. Snooki calls the cops a buzzkill. And that was our cherished deleted scene this week, I guess. Worth it to see the Meatballs being dorks together without showing their cookas.

Shore Store. Vinny, Ron and Jenni are working. They're making joke shirts for the baby and then Ron starts ranting about how Jionni's never around the baby, which makes him a big jerk. Jenni says that, just like Ron would be with Sam, Roger would be pregnant with her. Vinny stays out of this conversation, probably not wanting to cause anymore drama for him and Jionni.

Meanwhile, Snooki is taking her pet penguin -- a balloon -- named Jumanji for a walk on the boardwalk.

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