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Gym. Tan. Break Up With Paula.

Deena and Mike go out together and she thanks him for not putting his "two centses" into her relationship. He then tells her he's breaking up with Paula. He isn't sure if she's not ready, he's not ready or it's not the right time in their lives right now. Deena suggests he just ends it and keep it how it was before. But she feels bad for Paula. Mike asks Deena what he should say, then he adds that he knows it's her fault, not his, because he's exactly the same person he's been the past three summers, except maybe a little better looking and more ripped. Yeah, say that. She just asks when he's breaking up with her, and he says possibly tomorrow.

The whole house is sitting on the lower deck at the House, talking about how cool it will be for Mike to make it through this whole summer without drinking or anything. They all are amazed and think he can make it through anything, but Pauly points out he can't make it through a relationship. They all want to be there for the breakup. Then they all head out to dinner and drinks. Mike says he'll toast the end of their time here, but not with a drink. Then he thanks them all for being supportive of this, since he's 100 days clean. Sam asks if Mike's ever going to talk to Nicole again and he says he wants to apologize. Pauly doesn't think he has anything to apologize for. And Vinny says that whenever Snooki sees Mike or him (Vinny), it brings up a past that she can't get rid of and wants nothing to do with. He explains she wants to be a good conservative mom and looking at Vinny makes her think of climbing into bed with a different guy every night. That's why she doesn't hang out with him anymore. Vinny thinks he and Nicole can be friends if Jionni decides to be friends with him. But that's about it.

When they all get home, JWOWW and Snooki are there. Mike says he's going up to the deck and Sam says they'll be up soon. But as soon as he leaves, Sam asks Snooki if Mike or Vinny will be invited to the wedding. Snooki wants Vinny to talk to Jionni because she wants him there, but not Mike. She says he doesn't even exist in her world and she doesn't want to be friends with him ever again. She says he totally embarrassed Jionni and Sam says he's done it to her, too.

Snooki, Pauly and JWOWW head to work. They think Snooki looks wasted and she says she wishes, but sometimes you just wake up and want to throw up when you're pregnant. When they get to work, Snooki calls the doctor because she has a bad pain in her side. Pauly thinks it's gas, but she knows what gas feels like. Danny actually sends Jenni and Nicole away, since Nicole's not feeling well. They go to a diner and Nicole says she feels good emotionally but not physically, because she can only sleep on her back or her side. She says she can't talk to anyone in the house except Jenni, because she doesn't want to be a buzzkill talking about the baby. But Jenni feels like they are a team, and she thinks Nicole should have a "get out of free jail card" [sic] with pregnancy. They talk more about Vinny and Mike. Nicole's not holding her breath for him to talk to her and apologize. Back at the store, Snooki is making post-pregnancy clothes, which Danny thinks are super-slutty. Uh, duh. Who doesn't dress like a slut after having a baby?

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