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Gym. Tan. Break Up With Paula.

Previously: Snooki hated Mike. Sam had a talk with Deena being too clingy with her boyfriend. Mike couldn't handle being in the first relationship of his life with Paula. We open with what seems like Hawaiian music. Hey! Why didn't they ever send them to Hawaii? Anyway, Ron, Deena and Snooki are working at the Shore Store and Cranky Ron is pissed that the Meatballs' whole shift is just a big break while he works his ass off. SELLING T-SHIRTS. It's such hard work. Dan and Ron dress up and pretend they're Meatballs, then take off and leave the real Meatballs at work. Snooki just shrugs.

Back at the Shore House, Mike calls his sister and fills her in on how much Paula's changed and how he can't stand it. She agrees that he's too classy for the way Paula's acting and suggests he not go with his idea -- tell her "I love you, but I'm not in love with you" -- and instead that he tell her he liked all these things about her that she no longer seems to be. He loves his sister's advice and thinks he'd like a woman like his mom or his sister. Ew.

While Ron and Danny are Meatballing it up, a storm hits Seaside and Deena thinks it's going to be a tornado (um, is this really the episode they're airing right before their Restore the Shore fundraiser special? An episode in which these idiots freak out about some rain?). Danny predicts the Shore Store is in chaos. And he's not wrong. Deena screams and screams, until Snooki's like, "D. Relax. It's rain." How is she the voice of reason now? Maybe Lorenzo's smart enough to make her smarter.

Back at the house, Mike tells Pauly and Vinny that he's going to have to end things with Paula. Pauly agrees that he's been giving Paula lots of hints and she's not really listening. Vinny sort of respects it, but Pauly says he doesn't picture Mike with a girl like that. He pictures him with someone like his sister. Let's hope this series doesn't end with an incest romance, because I'm hearing a little too many references to Mike and his sister. Pauly says that now they need to make a "Let's Make It Unofficial" T-shirt. But Mike doesn't know how he'll tell her. Pauly thinks texting or phone, but Vinny thinks that's not right. Mike would like to break up with her in a smooth and easy way, because he'd still like to "hit it." Because, you know, he's classy.

MVP go out and talk to some girls. Vinny and Pauly are telling people that Mike's breaking up with Paula. Vinny explains that Mike's relationship has never been a real relationship so he has no problem telling people. Mike's not happy about it, since it can get back to Paula in this small town. He heads off to sit by himself and sulk. I think we're getting the old Mike back.

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