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Don't Smush Where You Eat

They get home. Sitch booty calls Britney. Pauly and Vinny go to bed. Deena sulks that Pauly won't get it in. And Sammi decides to reignite the flame with Ronnie as he eats what appears to be balsamic-roasted eggplant covered in ketchup. Yuck. She leans on his shoulder and tells him she misses and loves him and wants to cuddle. Ronnie admits that he still has some feelings for Sam. That said, he'd rather be F-ed in the A with spiked bat than relive the drama that went down in Jersey. He gets up and away from her, totally brushing off the fact that she just put herself out there.

Next week: Deena is on a mission to find a man... then happens upon a lady... whom Sitch is pursuing. Snooki severs ties with Sitch after he kisses and tells about their hook-up.

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