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The next morning, Pauly has located his Annoying Prop of the Season. Sweet lord, I don't know what that thing is, but it sounds like a constipated duck. He honks it in all the girls' faces to wake them up from their "beauty" sleep. After everyone gets ready, Deena and MVP head to the grocery store to get the fixins for Sunday dinner. I'll just quote Deena directly: "God! Everything's in another language!" This after she asks for a pineapple.

They get back home, and Sammi volunteers herself and Deena to cook. Tonight's special: Sammi's "own concoction." Yet she can't even identify garlic and raspberries (which, hopefully she won't be using in any combination). I suspect they'll be looking up "I'd like to place an order for delivery" in their English-Italian dictionaries in a couple of hours. While they cook, Deena announces, "I'm so proud of myself for not falling last night." Roll tape! For some reason, the girls decide to run the dishwasher, which they don't understand because it's in Italian. They set it running and decide it's a good time to leave the house and get some food. Not that they're cooking or anything already... Of course the dishwasher starts to overflow and suds all over the kitchen floor.

The guys return to the kitchen and wonder where the girls went. As they complain about the girls' dereliction of duty, Ronnie looks at the foam-spewing dishwasher and... does nothing at all about it. The guys eventually decide to cook their own Sunday dinner. They're in the middle of it when the girls come home and bitch that they were the ones supposed to be cooking. The guys are chill about it, though, and nothing erupts because everyone gets distracted to realize that Snooki is still sleeping. I'm assuming it's about five in the afternoon at this point. They wake her up for dinner and toast to all of their first times in Italy.

After dinner, Snooki calls her boyfriend Jionni, who chews her out for not calling him for an entire day. Sitch happens upon this tiff and offers himself as a shoulder to cry on. By which I mean fondles her legs and makes it clear that he's more than willing to fill that particular void. Pun intended.

The next day, the roommates' boss Marco calls to tell them they have pizzaiolo orientation that day at 3 PM. They know it'll take them a while to find their way there, so they leave immediately. As expected, they can't make heads or tails of the map, and I guess they're walking for a really long time because they somehow end up at The Vatican -- or at least that's what Sammi and Deena think.

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