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Previously: Angelina was the face of the double standard after she (s)hit where she ate. Things came to a boiling point after The Situation found a used feminine hygiene product on the floor of the bathroom, putting a whole new 'T' in GTL, y'all.

We rejoin World War Sheesh right after Angelina stepped up to Sitch for calling her, among other things, a "dirty little hamster." She gets in one good fist-to-face contact before her "real friends" (including some guy she met five minutes ago) hold her back. Ronnie and Sammi come back home and are actually surprised at the sight of it. For my part, I'm surprised that they haven't gotten used to this level of constant chaos by now. Sitch avoids Angelina, whose girlfriend brings the class hardcore by telling her, "You wanna fuck 10 guys in one day? You can. That's your fuckin' business." The best part is that this, while she's saying this, they pass by the random sap they brought home from the beach without batting an eyelash. Homeboy has no idea what he got into.

Pauly tells the guy he has to leave so they can attend to "family business." Being both willful and completely oblivious to context, Angelina argues that her "friend" should be able to stay. Pauly dismisses him, saying they can hook up later. The guy is more than happy to leave, though Angelina commands him to leave his phone number. Pauly interviews that he must have left her a fake phone number because why in the world would he want to get it in after seeing what havoc Angelina wreaks without even really trying?

After he leaves, Sitch tells Angelina that they're beyond hugging it out. She crossed an unforgivable boundary when she punched him in the face. Sammi advises her to stay away from the confrontation. Angelina justifies herself in an interview by saying the house has broken her down and she's "never been in so much drama." That she single-handedly created! She heads outside to cry, like a kid who got caught stealing candy.

Back inside, Vinny can't believe the girls are all up for fist-fighting this time around. Sitch consults with his boys over whether to forgive her, but he thinks physical contact (specifically punching, as opposed to JWOWW's slap fest in AC last year, apparently) is inexcusable. Pauly waits for Angelina's girlfriend to head outside before arguing that Angelina starts all this bullshit drama herself. He thinks Sitch should neither forgive her nor feel bad that she's crying, and the guys agree. The tribe has spoken, Schmolie.

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