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The Situation Gloom

Sitch walks away from the house without telling anyone, and Pauly announces that he's "in the dip." Deena is the only one who has a split-second's worth of sympathy for Sitch, but she quickly acknowledges he puts this mess on himself. JWOWW is completely unsympathetic, and everyone else maintains their impassive, observational status, like, "Oh, our roommate may be in the throes of depression. Oh well. Beat beating and tequila shots later?" As you might have noticed, I'm somewhere closer to the JWOWW end of things. Basically, Pauly's birthday is over, and Snooki continues to not suck his weenis and/or break up with her boyfriend, so Sitch needs some other way to suck the air out of the room. What better way than to follow in the footsteps of one his roommates' favorite people and act like Vinny's affliction has hit him, too? It may be a played-out move, but it seemed effective just a day or two ago, so why not try it? If that fails, he can just go back to screwing with Snooki again.

Next week: New roommate! Strippers! Chick fight! Staten Island!

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