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'Welcome to the Family'

They tell him how happy he makes Nicole, and Ron says she's been unhappy that he's not here much. He asks why everyone keeps saying that, and they all say that's what Snooki keeps saying. Jionni says he's an hour and a half away, trying to run his business and he has to run his machines. Mike thinks it's really not that bad of a trip. Vinny says Snooks has a good heart. And Jionni agrees. But Vinny says Jenni's another story. Then Jionni invites them all to his bachelor party. Mike is sort of euphoric about it. Jionni says they've been through a lot, learned a lot and are stronger than ever. They toast him and welcome him to the family. Pauly says that means they're lifelong friends, and you can't buy that. They all shake and hug it out, bitches. Then they part, and Pauly suggests the strip club.

Next week: They have a strip show in their house. And Deena gets drunk and pees herself? Can't wait.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, sort of likes watching these 30-somethings grow up. You can contact her at

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