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Deleted scene for tonight: Snooki's laying in her bed asking Jenni if she's going to have sex with Roger tonight. But Jenni says she's used to doing it during the day in the shower. Deena says that's what Sam and Ron do, and Sam laughs. Deena goes on to describe how Sam and Ron do it sideways, and Snooki says to wait until they're pregnant because that's all she does. Oh, thank you, MTV, for not leaving that on the cutting-room floor.

Boys' night time. The guys are going to dinner and then out, and the girls are staying home. Snooki asks Vinny why they're taking Jionni out and to please be nice to him. She tells him she trusts him. She tells us she feels bad for Jionni because she knows they can bust balls and she doesn't want them doing that to him, since he's the love of her life.

Girls' night is about cooking dinner together and having facials. But, really, what Deena doesn't know is that they're going to prank Deena. Someone knocks, and it's Zen Jen. Snooki says she's here to bless the house, and Deena's like, "You guys didn't tell me about this?" She's freaked out, because she says psychic stuff gives her anxiety. Deena thought they were having facials. Then Zen Jen walks around to check out the place, and says she gets a tingling sensation. Snooki wonders if it's in her vagina because that would be cool. But, sadly, it's her whole body. Deena really doesn't like this. At all. So we know it's not going to end well. Deena just knows there's something in here, like a ghost. She says she hasn't seen any ghosts in the house, but she's not looking and doesn't want to know. Zen Jen says she felt a presence by Deena's bed, and Deena wonders if that's why she has such bad dreams. Snooki interviews this is why they wanted a girls' night: to hang out, but also to prank Deena. The girls tell her not to bother with upstairs because the boys can sleep with the dead all they want.

They guys are gathered in a bar on red leather couches, smoking cigars. It's time for their sit-down with Jionni. He says he's glad they invited him because he wants to get to know them. Mike interviews that it's unorthodox because most of the guys have hooked up with her fiancée. Vinny says Nicole's always been a wild and crazy girl, but Jionni says if he thought of her like that, he wouldn't be here. He talks about his siblings spending Sunday night dinner with his family every week. They ask him about his work, and he says he has an ATM business. He owns ATMs, where he gets the fees in a club or whatever. He clarifies that he has never used her and has always had good intentions, which is why the Italy thing upset him so much. He tells them that's the only time she screwed up with him, and he forgave her. Vinny interviews that it's awkward he's bringing up Italy, which is just a conversation you don't want to have with the baby daddy of a girl you banged. Jionni tells Mike he thought he was a good guy, and Mike agrees, so Jionni wonders about the shit-talking, and Mike says he was being honest. This does not bode well for his rekindled friendship with Nicole, does it? But Mike says he apologized to Nicole, and he's also a different person than he used to be.

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