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On the boardwalk, some guy yells at Nicole that she's fat, and Vinny gets pissed. He backs his scooter up. Which ... hilarious. Because, why not get off of it at this point? He is all gangster with his reverse beep on, yelling at people for calling a pregnant girl fat. Snooki tells him it's actually fun not to go to the club. He says his friendship with Nicole is finally back. They hug and fist-bump.

Back at Aztec, Mike's hitting on girls and Paula's checking him out from afar. Ron says she's being the creepy ex, then she comes over and tells the girl hitting on him how cute she is. Pauly: "Awkward!" Then she leaves, and Mike says he doesn't want her around when she's like this. He doesn't get how she doesn't know how to act around him by this point.

Next day, Snooki calls "Zen Jen," who reads energy, apparently. She invites her over to scare Deena by pretending there are ghosts. She thinks it's going to be funny, and they plan on her showing up the next day. Everyone else wakes up, and it's time for Snooki's sonogram. The girls are coming with her, and Jionni meets her there, too. Snooki explains what a sonogram is, but I'll spare you her medical expertise. The girls all ooh and aww about him, and think it's so cool. The sonographer is like, "It's definitely a boy." They can't believe how big the penis is. Jionni is smiling big. And then the baby flips them off, which Jenni thinks is amazing. I do, too. He already knows how ridiculous these people are. Snooki's relieved that everything is okay. Jionni asks Jenni if she can come over tonight, and she has no idea why he's so defensive. She just wants him there for Snooki. Jenni asks Nicole what she thinks, but Nicole ignores it. She can't be in the middle of a fight with her bff and her baby daddy.

Back at the house, Vinny and Pauly decide to have a boys' night. Pauly thinks they should invite Jionni. Vinny doesn't really want to be his friend, but he thinks they need to get to know him and see what his intentions are with Snooki. Pauly wants to ask Jionni the following: What are his intentions, is he excited about the baby, is he excited about getting married, what does he do for a living, where does he live, where does he plan to live when he gets married, does he have brothers and sisters. I mean, is it possible they don't know this stuff? Have they really kept Jionni that distant from the group? Anyway, Pauly calls him up and invites him out. Jionni says he could meet them. Pauly says they never take Jionni out, and he doesn't know if they're pranking him, setting him up to fail, going to torture him, or what.

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