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Mike, Pauly, and Ron head to GTL, while Vinny stays home sipping cold medicine. They go to the tanning salon, where Paula's working. Mike thinks she's looking fine, and Pauly says, "Awkward!" Ron tells us it's really not that awkward until he and Pauly make it so. Paula leaves a note for Mike in his tanning bed, but he waits to read it until they're home. Vinny reads it aloud to the whole house. She basically tells him how much she misses him, how patience has been important in their four years and she's pretty good at it. "LOL." Vinny's horrified that she put LOL in a note, but Snooki's like, "I still put it!" She says Mike makes her so happy and is the most special thing in her life. She asks him to not give up on her either, and to give her the effort and love she's always given to him. He says he likes the note and she looked hot again today. Vinny says she's back to being the booty call. Both Snooki and Mike are happy to be participating in this conversation together. Snooki says Paula's pretty, and she stares at her. Mike agrees and is feeling pretty good about her now.

They're interrupted by a food delivery, and sit to eat. Snooki wants to know if Vinny's contagious, and since he isn't unless he sneezes on her (his medical opinion), they're going to hang out tonight while everyone else goes out. Snooki wants to ride her scooter on the boardwalk, and Vinny's down. Everyone else (except Jenni, whose stomach is in knots) gets ready to go out to Aztec. Vinny and Nicole talk about how they feel old, even though they're the youngest in the house. Vinny says, "Merp." Which is pretty funny because he says it with no excitement whatsoever. Vinny and Nicole cruise around in scooters on the boardwalk and pretend they're old. Nicole says they'll totally rock their scooters when they're old, and she thinks Vinny will make the best old man ever because he's already getting started.

Aztec. Mike just drinks Red Bull. Pauly says he's drinking the same thing, except his had vodka. Paula shows up, looking cute. Mike's partly excited, and partly doesn't know what to do with her. Then she tries to hand him her drink, and he's like, "Seriously? You know I just got out of rehab." She apologizes and takes off, annoyed. Deena thinks this is the first time Mike has a right to be annoyed at Paula. She comes back without her drink, which she got someone else to hold, and tells him she doesn't want him mad at her all night. Vinny and Snooki show up in their scooters and everyone cheers. Pauly says that's how you make a club entrance. He's loving it because he's like a 12-year-old. Nicole and Vinny leave since she needs sleep and he's sick. She says, "It's weird, but I guess that's what old people do."

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