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Next morning at the Shore House. Mike wakes up thinking about his fights with Nicole, or so the editors would have us believe, thanks to flashbacks. He does tell us he woke up thinking he needs to go apologize to Nicole. He heads out before even getting dressed. Jenni can't believe he's doing that, but wishes him luck. He says he really wants to salvage their friendship, and heads over. She answers the door and he asks if they can sit down and talk. She just glares at him, sending us to commercial.

After commercial, we repeat the door-answering sequence, but this time her glare quickly becomes, "Okay." She interviews that she's been waiting for him to talk to her and she wants to hear him out. He tells her that he feels bad that they don't talk anymore, so he wanted to come over and tell her that he's sorry about how things went down and that he maybe ruined their relationship. He says he really cares for her, and he's a different person now. She says it's really hard to forget everything that happened last summer, since he was completely talking shit behind her back and embarrassed her and Jionni. She says she's hurt because he did that to her as a friend, but also because he made a fool out of Jionni. Flashback, however, shows us that Snooki's the one who made a fool out of Jionni. But whatever. She asks why he did it, and he says he was protective of her, and that they were really tight. He says that she's the best friend he's had, and was the only girl he's really had as a friend. She agrees they were practically the same person, and got each other, which is why they were close, but you just don't do that to someone you're good friends with. He tells her that he's willing to fix whatever needs to be fixed, because she's important in his life and he doesn't want to lose her in his life. She says he kind of did. Then she tells him it's hard to forget it, but whatever, she's over it and has a lot going on. He asks if she kind of accepts his apology. She says she accepts it, and is going to try, but it's really hard. He says he understands, tells her she's beautiful and that he's happy for her and hopes to be there with her if she ever needs him. Then he asks if they can hug, kiss on the cheek, or high five. She starts with a high five, which Mike thinks is a victory after not speaking for a year.

Sam decides she wants to lock the boys out on the deck as a prank. None of the other girls are interested. Sam heads up there, where the guys are talking about the girls, tells them hi and she'll leave them alone, then locks them out there. Pauly's like, "They're going to prank us." They all agree they're up to something, so Pauly gets up to go see and discovers the locked door. They think the girls are going to come and hit them with water balloons, but Vinny says he'll punch them in the face if they do. Because he's from Staten Island. Where apparently they make 'em real classy. The guys think they can jump down to the lower deck, and they throw a pillow down as a test. Mike's not afraid because he always lands on his feet. Sam decides to go unlock the door because she doesn't want to do it anymore. Mike's about to jump when Sam lets them out. But Pauly thinks the girls should have learned they are worse pranksters. Ron lectures Sam about her actions, like he's her father.

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