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Previously: Snooki decides she'll never be Mike's friend again, then JWOWW encourages Mike to talk to Jionni at the baby shower. Also, Jenni's sick of Jionni not being around enough, and plans to talk to him about it. The drama! We start out this episode back at Rivoli's, with Vinny and Jionni heading outside to have their big talk. Vinny tells Jionni that he knows there's weird stuff between them, but he wishes them the best. Jionni says he knows it's been weird, but he's over it and he gave Snooki a second chance. Vinny gives him a lot of respect for that. Then Vinny interviews that he could never get back with his girl if she got with another guy the same night they broke up. So ... not so much respect, then? Jionni does continue, telling Vinny he has a problem with Vinny messing around saying the baby's his and not Jionni's. Vinny says he didn't mean anything by it, because he didn't know Jionni, but now that he knows him he won't do that anymore. Jionni says Nicole cares about Vinny, and he doesn't want shit between them. Jionni says he appreciates it, and they hug it out.

Jionni tells Snooki that it went well, and he respects it. Snooki says she's happy that she can invite him to the wedding. Jenni introduces the first game: a baby bottle chugging contest. Mike says later that it's hard to do, but he kinda likes it. Snooki shouts, "Suck it like a boobie!" Ron won, because he bit a bigger hole in the tip so it comes out quicker. Then we get to see lots of the classy gifts for Lorenzo: Shirts that say "I've got a situation in my diaper," "Future Guido," and "I have the biggest dick in the family." I hope that even Snooki won't put that last one on her child. Snooki also gets lots of wine and a bottle of Cristal. She says, "I have no idea what it is. But it sounds good."

Snooki asks Jionni when he's sleeping over next, and he says whenever. She says she'd like to see him every day, so Jenni tells him to come around more often and take care of his girl. Everyone gives Jenni shit for being a bitch. But we all know they agree with her. Snooki says this is the happiest day of the summer because they're celebrating her baby, which she's been wanting to do. Mike then asks Snooks if she's having fun, and she basically ignores him. She says that it's hard for her to look at him because she has so much going on with getting engaged and having a baby in two months. Mike realizes he's going to have to man up and face this thing, since she won't even look him in the eye right now.

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