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Better Days

Last week: Oh, you know. The usual. "We call Bobby 'The Great Believer,'" "Meet Courtney Benedict, the toothiest girl in the world; her dad, the Money-Grubbing Whore; and Grace, the Worst Mom in the Whole Wide World Who Hits Her Kids When She's Really Peeved."

Speaking of, it was brought to my attention that I somehow forgot to mention last week that Grace slapped Jack. I don't know how that happened. How I forgot, I mean. She slapped him because she is terrible.

THE FUTURE: Dennis Morgenthal (Sen. R -- Missouri 2033-present) yammers on and on and on and on about how Bobby had "the eyes of a child" and people thought he was innocent, but he wasn't and blah blah blah blah. I appreciate the voices from THE FUTURE as a viewer, but heavens, are they tiresome to recap. When you type them out -- or listen to them and then decide not to recap them at all -- you realize that most of these talking heads are saying...well, very, very little. And what they do say is almost always divorced from what's going on in the present day. So they're interesting as a glimpse into the future but not particularly illuminating as to what's going on in the majority of the episode. And I think the writers are going to write themselves into a corner with them and I'll bet you five dollars that six weeks from now -- if the show is still on the schedule -- they will become incredibly minimal.

2004. McCallister Manor. Grace is presiding over a very dull meeting of her university's Young Democrats society. Bobby sits next to her on the sofa, covering himself with dozens of Kerry/Edwards pins. Is he seven years old? Seriously. He's at least thirteen. Wouldn't he rather be holed up in the study reading a comic book or something? Anyway, one of the Young Democrats is yammering on about their plan to distribute Kerry/Edwards buttons. "Somewhere Abbie Hoffman is weeping," Grace mutters to Bobby, the Infant Miracle Child. Somewhere, Abbie Hoffman is crazy. And dead. Just a warning, by the way: this episode -- and Grace herself -- is very much about how Today's Generation Is So Disaffected and Why Aren't We Having More Sit-Ins, WHY? WHY? To which I say, shut UP to Grace and all your like-minded Boomer brethren. Maybe the younger generation is disaffected because lots of you Boomers won't shut up about how fucking great you were when you were our age and how it's never going to be like that again and it is implied therein that we might as well not try. Maybe we're disaffected because you spent your college years protesting and now you just tried to run me over with your enormous gas-guzzling SUV and so we feel like you've turned into a bunch of hypocrites, so it's hard to feel inspired by what you say. Maybe we ARE out there voting and signing petitions and talking about the issues and you just don't notice it because you're still too busy talking about yourselves. I'm sorry: this is clearly a hot button issue for me. My parents are Baby Boomers and they're totally great. They're both staunch Democrats -- as am I, full disclosure and everything -- and we talk about politics every single week. They have never referred to me or my peers as "disaffected," because I'm not. I vote. I'm wearing a "Vote" t-shirt right now. I read the paper. I watch the debates. But maybe I am involved in politics because my parents explained their reasoning and their history and their points of view to me with respect for my intelligence and my innate willingness to want to make my life better, instead of huffing about the kids today and how fucking lazy we all are. Maybe you made my generation lazy, Boomers. Since you are our parents. Did you ever think of that? ["YEAH!" -- Wing Chun] Man, Episode 2 and I am already filled with rage. Nice.

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