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Where's George Michael When We Need Him?

Back when I first heard about this show, everyone made it sound as though it was going to be a fictionalization of the childhood of Jack and Bobby Kennedy, and I thought it sounded incredibly tacky. But after watching the first few episodes, I realize I was completely wrong. I mean, come on -- a president who always needs to be bailed out, strives for mediocrity, has an overbearing mother, and freezes up in debates? This is clearly a fictionalization of the childhood of George Bush.

Previously on Jack & Bobby, Dee Vine made out with Jack, and Coltney clomped off like a skittish filly when she saw Jack and Dee emerge all disheveled from the bathroom. Meanwhile, Grace fired her plagiarizing T.A., and Marcus harassed Jack for not spending enough time with the team.

Open on a busy diner, where Marcus is wearing an apron and working as a waiter. The theme of the episode gets an early introduction, as Marcus excuses his lateness by telling his father that he got tied up at church. Marcus delivers an order to Grace and Bobby, as Grace explains to Bobby that the church in the movie they just saw symbolized darkness and death. After she pontificates for a bit, she asks Bobby what he thought of the film. Bobby: "Um, it was long, and the church part seemed very depressing." Grace labels this observation "astute," and suggests that the Film Society should hire Bobby as a critic. I think the Film Society should hire Grace as a patron. Because she's so patronizing. Bobby asks Grace, "If religion is so creepy, why does everyone have it?" She seems a bit unnerved by the question, telling him that she doesn't think that everyone has it, and that those who do are weak-minded sheep. (That's a paraphrase.) He tells her that his friend Warren has to memorize a long passage in Hebrew for his upcoming bar mitzvah, and Graces interrupts to ask, "Wait, what are you doing hanging out with Warren? I thought you recognized the limitations of that friendship." Somehow, I suspect that Grace recognized the limitations of that friendship and convinced Bobby to dump the poor sap. Bobby makes a genuinely astute remark when he tells Grace that he really doesn't have that many friends to pick from.

Just then, Jack and Dee Vine walk into the diner. Grace sees them, and says "[Dee]? Oh my God, what is he doing with that intellectual vacuum?" You can make your own sucking jokes. Because that would be beneath me. Bobby tries to pass them off as friends, but his deception becomes more difficult when a small kiss (which Bobby describes as "symbolic") turns into some major making out in the middle of the diner.

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