Lights Out

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Lights Out
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Russell needs one more peek at the goopy skeleton in the truck of Dave's car. Plus, the crew set the camera and lighting and stuff for that shot, and it seems like such a waste if they only use it for ten seconds. Russell stares at the goopy skeleton and thinks really hard. Some static comes over his radio and he jumps; in a funnier show, he would have totally bonked his head on the raised trunk. Let's just pretend that he did, okay? Anyway, it's Rose on the radio, and she's still talking about damn Car-leeeeeeeet-a, her cat. Rose is worried that her mother and "Daddy Tom" aren't home yet, and Jesse and Kira are making dinner. It's so creepy that she called the Sheriff "Daddy Tom," I can't even tell you. Anyway, Rose asks her father plaintively, "Are there monsters?" Russell stares hard at the goopy skeleton and then lies, "No." he slams the trunk closed. Rose brings up the lights she saw in the sky, and says that she thought they might be monsters. Russell says they weren't, and Rose asks, "Then what were they?" Russell doesn't even answer his daughter! He just starts up his car and drives somewhere. Dude, that's cold. Are we sure he isn't a pod person?

The mayor gives a press conference outside the hospital about what they're doing to rebuild and clean up from the hurricane. A reporter asks about a possible quarantine, and the mayor says they're still working things out. Sheriff Tom rocks the mic and gives all the reasons might have to have a quarantine, including contaminated water and possible damage to chemical facilities. The mayor interrupts to say that no one has authorized a quarantine yet.

Dave, who's still in the hospital, calls Russell on his radio. Does everyone have a radio on this show? And if so, why couldn't they use them last week, when they were all out searching for each other in the hurricane? Anyway, Dave wants to know if Russell has checked out the skeleton yet. Russell says he's driving Dave's car to the station or the lab or whatever right now. Dave gets all pissed off because his car is "a collectible."

The reporters ask Mariel if she would support a quarantine, and Mariel takes the mic and says that she actually suggested it. Larkin asks whether the Sheriff's office will coordinate efforts, and Sheriff Tom basically says that he's calling all the shots. I'm trying really hard here not to make Katrina comments, because that seems a little too soon, but just know that I'm thinking them, and then feeling guilty.

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