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We return to the hornet's nest known as Casa des Crabs just after last week's tumultuous and slightly threatening elimination ceremony. Pumkin has just "voided" Chance's check and sent him home, and his Stallionaire cohorts are in some serious need of VH1-sponsored anger management classes. You know in the Bad Girls Club when Tanisha and the trash-faced hobag whose name I forget got in a fight, and they were required to get on-air counseling? That's what the Stallionaires need, tout de suite. Don't laugh, everyone watches Bad Girls Club, they're just not man enough to admit it.

Between all his cursing and fist-pounding, Real says that Pumkin has made an enemy for life, which should make for an interesting reunion show. Whiteboy is still sitting in his seat, head in hands, stunned. Real curses some more, threatens Pumkin some more, and stomps around like a 12-year-old girl whose mom didn't get her a Hello Kitty pencil set at the mall. Despite all of their ominousness, Pumkin is right proud of herself, as well she should be. Someone had to kick one of those bullies off the show and I'm glad it was her. The Entertainer feels the same way and tells her so. He also invites Pumkin and Toastee to come sleep in his bedroom. Being the consummate gentleman, he doesn't ask them to spray themselves off with Nid-X or anything. Pumkin tells the camera that The Entertainer is annoying, but she would rather put up with an ADD psycho than be killed in her sleep. I think we can all agree on that, Pumkin. Oh yeah, Hoopz is pissed. But since she has no point on this show so far, does anyone care? I didn't think so.

After moving into The Entertainer's suite, Pumkin and Toastee go talk to the rest of the Double Secret Double D Alliance. They are all very proud of themselves for getting Chance eliminated. They are also all a bit scared and want to keep their alliance a secret (double secret!) and hope no one figures it out. Pumkin suggests that they aim for Hoopz next, and I have to agree. Meanwhile, Rodeo throws down the gauntlet and moves into the Green Team's room despite being on the Gold Team. She claims it's for protection, in case the Gold Team puts her on the chopping block, but I think it's because she's girl crushing on Hoopz. How many of you would pay to see that action, eh? What, none of you?

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