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Previously on I Love Money: It's the greatest love story of our time! Heat and Destiney... no wait, make that Destiney and The Entertainer? Chance doesn't play well with others, except Whiteboy and Real. Toastee threw Nibblz under the bus as payback for their bad blood from Flavor of Love. And Boston garnered something less than disgust from his teammates for winning a challenge... by beating up a girl.

Night falls on Casa Desperado. Drunk Destiney asks Mr. Boston when he's going to get "plowed"; he threatens to flash everyone when and if he gets drunk, but Destiney aptly points out that he wouldn't be the first. I'd add that he won't be the last. Boston gloats about his team's momentary lead over the Gold Team but fears The Stallionaires' alliance. He discusses breaking up that alliance with Heat and Destiney. Heat's in, but Destiney's too smashed for such complicated calculations.

So, instead of division, she contemplates multiplication when accompanying Heat to his bedroom. He interviews that things are going smoothly... that is, until The Entertainer interruptus-es their coitus. He claims he's ready to move in on the dark beauty (Destiney, not Heat!), but he'll have to take a number because Heat is all kinds of nestled in Destiney's breasts.

Downstairs, 12 Pack and Heather's trucker hat share a romantic interlude. He believes her best attributes are her affinity toward partying and stripping. I bet she can also shoot off a mean spud gun. Heather admits she was glad 12 Pack came on the show, and they swap spit. She does fear, however, that an intra-team romance will affect her game.

The next morning, CJ sends the teams a message: The new team captains will divide teammates into pairs. "This challenge is gonna be a mouthful," warns CJ. Which, of course, should be no problem for any of the ladies and -- if you believe the rumors -- 12 Pack. On the Gold Team, Rodeo and her honky-tonk badonkadonk hand over the reigns to The Entertainer, because he has the biggest mouth. He seems psyched to give his all and prove his skillz as a team player.

Meanwhile on El Teamo Pathetico, Destiney emerges from her hangover to discuss her successor. The team decides Boston's should take over since he won at Q-Tip jousting during the last challenge. He surmises that losing would allow him to nominate The Stallionaires for elimination.

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