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If you sobered up long enough to watch this show last week, you may remember that (quite uncharacteristically) something actually happened. And it wasn't just one something, it was three somethings and maybe four. What were those somethings? The Entertainer got sent home for his lousy performance on a stripper pole. Back to your parents' basement, chucklehead! Man-of-Action Real proposed to Hoopz. The Double Secret Double D Alliance imploded in a watery cat fight. Hee! Then, facing ouster, Brandi C. sacrificed herself on the altar of elimination in the hope that BFF Megan would be able to stay and win. Craig then made up a "rule" that Paymasters must have three elimination options. So now all the remaining contestants must shuffle back into the Vault of Elimination to nominate another contestant for elimination. It's like they saved the entire point of this show for one jam-packed episode. Let's see what happens today, eh?

The skanktestants are in the Vault. They must decide which of the remaining contestants must join Real and Megan on the chopping block. As you may recall, last week Toastee and Pumkin had done their trash-talking, backstabbing, drink-tossing, hair-pulling best to make sure that Megan and Brandi were in the Box instead of them. Now with Brandi C.'s voluntary departure, all bets are off and it is more than likely that either Toastee or Pumkin is going to be up for elimination. Whiteboy takes the lead in the Vault and asks if there are any volunteers to go in the Box. There aren't any. Whiteboy asks if anyone wants Toastee in the Box. Megan and Real do. Whiteboy joins them and Toastee is now up for elimination. One minute into the show the drama has concluded. Or has it?

It has. As Paymaster, Hoopz must now choose between Real, Megan, and Toastee. She can't kick out the guy who just asked her to marry him on national television, so Real is safe. That said, Megan is competition. But, competition who Hoopz promised to keep safe. But, Hoopz and Toastee were long time alliance-mates. But Hoopz is a woman of her word and she gives Toastee the toss. So long Toastee! So long drama! As Toastee takes her final walk off the show, she takes a moment to enlighten Megan that the cottage cheese on her ass is cellulite and she should call Brandi's doctor ASAP. Snap? Snap.

Back at the Casa, Real is upset about the situation with Hoopz. She saved him from elimination, but she hasn't answered his proposal. He's upset and wants to talk to his brother. So he calls up Chance who swears a lot, talks some serious gangsta trash, and fills Real's head with suspicion, paranoia, and hatred of Whiteboy. Chance thinks Whiteboy and Hoopz are in cahoots and are going to take out Real. Real also thinks that they are hot for each other. Chance tells Real that Whiteboy talked trash about Hoopz. He talked trash about the woman he loves. Real is ready to take Whiteboy down. So long Stallionaires! May your retarded name never stump my spellcheck again.

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