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Saget!Ted tells us Marshall caved 10 minutes later, and told Ted it was Barney's fault Sven initially won the bid, so they tied Barney to the mechanical bull, set it to "paint mixer" and went home. After we see the guys do a shot, woooo and say they love each other, Ted tries to get Barney to ride the bull, but he begs off because of an inner ear issue. And here's another place where I appreciate Saget's narration in this story. I don't think they did go right home after they got Barney up on the bull. I think that's the story Saget!Ted told his kids. His last line is, "It was a pretty good night." Now wait for it.

End tag: Barney gets off the bull after 3 hours and is so dizzy, he can't walk, but he nearly kills himself trying -- in order to get to Jillian and her friend, who are planning to find a guy for a three-way. [For the record, it's all the idea of the girl who has a crush on Jillian, and she doesn't care if they find a third. Woo! - Z] The women walk off in search of that cute guy... Ted. Wooo!

I know some of you don't get to watch HIMYM because of conflicts (like my friend Diana -- hi, Diana!) and rely on the weecaps to get you through. If you get a chance, please watch this one, because it deserves to be seen. You can find it here. Then when you're done, go join the cause to help stamp out yeast infections in our lifetime. Unless you're Zach, who ought to update his lingo file with stuff like Woo Girl, talk blocking and Conference Call first. [Okay, okay! I'm on it! - Z]

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