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You Would Woooo Too, If It Happened To You

Robin tells Lily to turn her attention to the Woo Girls and see what their woos are really saying. We pan to the dance floor. As the first Woo Girl dances and shouts, a caption appears that reads: "I cry in the shower!" The next Woo Girl woooos and her caption reads: "I've never been on a second date." Jillian dances into view, lets out a woooo and her caption reads: "What if I never get to be a mom?" The last girl wooos, and her caption reads: "I'm secretly in love with Jillian." I'll pause while the Barneys among you shout, "Woooo!" Finally, we see the biggest Woo Girl of all time -- Ted -- who dances into view, and when he wooos, his caption reads: "My career and love life are heading nowhere!" Lily feels so sorry for all of them. Robin says that right now, she's like them. "I'm unemployed. I'm single. I'm a little lost. So, every once in a while I need to wooo, but when I need to talk about something real, you're the one I turn to. You're my best friend." Lily says, "You're mine." I say "Wooo!" because I love it when the show concentrates on this friendship. They resolve to spend more best-friend time together, some without Marshall, who then appears. He claims the purple test-tube shooters he's been drinking seem like they don't have any alcohol in them, but he doesn't even realize he's wearing a giant, pink cowgirl hat covered in hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds, so be glad he no longer has the Fiero, and don't you believe him.

Barney shows up and tells Ted that GNB has fired Sven, and after almost reversing himself as he remembers Sven's cool ideas, he adds that Ted got the job. Ted says, "Really?" and here's that acting nit. I usually love Josh Radnor (and his Ted), but every once in a while, his take on an emotion or reaction will make me wonder if he's done any acting since his sixth-grade play. There's something artificial about his expression here. I can see the wheels turning in his brain: Act a little surprised, a little dense, and a little drunk. He's usually the perfect Ted, but in this accomplished cast, he's the only one I ever think of as acting. The other actors completely inhabit their characters. I feel badly saying that, because Josh is more or less Ted, and Ted's been having a hard time lately, so I don't want to hurt his feelings by proxy. Oh fandom, why you so crazy? Anyhow, Barney nearly confesses he was responsible for choosing Sven, but Marshall takes pity on Barney, and covers for him, blaming it on Bilson, and saying that Barney finally convinced them to go with Ted. Ted is over the moon. "I just got our firm the biggest account they've ever had. Woooo!" His caption reads: "Now only my love life's a disaster." Ha. He runs off to buy the next round, and Barney asks Marshall why he covered for him. Marshall figures since Barney ended up doing the right thing, he deserved it. Besides, Ted's been so low, it's great to see him happy like he is right now. Barney says, "Wow, you really are Ted's best friend." They clink their test tubes together, and Barney adds, "And so am I. It's a tie." That's our boy.

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