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You Would Woooo Too, If It Happened To You

That evening, Robin is at Giddy Ups with Jillian and friends. When Jillian tells the Woo Girls that she's just raised $10,000 to combat childhood illiteracy, the girls let out a quiet, reverential, "Woooooo." Then Robin shouts, "Someone just earned herself an ass-first ride down the dance floor spank canyon!" The Woo Girls "Woo!" and head to the dance floor. Lily comes in, wearing a red plastic fireman's hat. She didn't have a cowboy hat, so she swiped it from Fire Safety day at school, which makes me think Fire Marshall is with her, even when he's not. She lets out an enthusiastic, "Woooo!" and tries to convince Robin that she's able to woo, too, but she doesn't even know who does the rap song she proclaims to be their anthem. She's very Willow-esque as she asks Robin, "Does L.L. Cool J still do things?"

Barney's now on the conference call roof with the Svens. He's explaining the conference call cover to them, but they are not impressed. Sven 1 says, "This is a waste of time." Then commands his fellow Svens: "PUSH UPS!" They drop, as does Barney's face.

At Giddy Ups, the Woo Girls are having fun calling one another slut, skank, bitch, whore, and the like. What is up with that? I may have had a woo day or two (did you?), but my friends and I were never self-loathing misogynists (icky poo). Too serious? I'm sorry. I'll just be sitting over here with poor Lily, who tries to hard to fit in: "You're all a bunch of prostitutes. You probably have STDs." She waits for a woo that never comes. Robin cringes for her, then adjusts her hat. Jillian and the other Woo Girls are offended. Jillian says, "Let's go dance," and the others let out an overly subdued "Woooo." Robin tells her she shouldn't be there. Lily thinks it's because she's happily married, "and some kind of loser." Robin consoles her by telling her it's just the opposite. She points out the desperation behind the Woo Girls' wooos. "Why do you think the Woo Girls have to woo when they win a game of beer pong, or when a hot guy takes his shirt off?" Did they see Supernatural last week? Jared Padalecki's shoulders for the Woooo! "It's because that is as good as life gets for them. They're really sad people." She says that when they hang with someone like Lily, who has it all figured out, they get bummed out. If you're a Woo Girl, or an otherwise happily single person, this might be another key point at which to remind yourself that this story is told from I-Need-To-Get-Married-Yesterday-Ted's perspective.

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