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You Would Woooo Too, If It Happened To You

Lily says, "I can woo."

"That's not true."

"I can too."

"It's just not you."


The next day at work, Marshall tells Bilson that he should have gone with Ted Mosby's design. Surprisingly enough, Bilson says he agrees, and that's why he voted for Ted. Marshall has a revelation (but it's not about his hair; sorry, I said I'd stop complaining about that, but I can only go so long). He drags Barney out of a meeting for a rooftop "conference call." Marshall's failure to get beers out of their rooftop, dorm-sized fridge should be Barney's first clue he's in trouble. Marshall gets Barney to admit that it was his fault Sven's bid won. Flashback to the end of Ted's presentation. After he leaves, Barney tells the rest of the search committee that they need look no further. Then the lights go out...

Techo-pop plays and a spotlight illuminates three Neil Patrick Harris doppelgangers. The most uncannily Neilish is the spokesman. "I'm Sven Jorgensen. With me are Sven Pilsen and Sven Johanssen." This is where it's good to remember that this is Saget!Ted's tale -- and he's more a slave to story than accuracy. Sven's presentation is all very Sprockets meets Blue Man Group. [Meets Autobahn. - Z] Sven does a fire-based trick that would do Barney proud, and conjures their building model into being. According to Saget!Ted's telling, the building is in the shape of a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex [...with the body of a cactus, for some reason, which no one seems to comment on. - Z], with the letters G N B G N B rotating atop its head like a halo. They know Barney's the search committee chair, so Sven 1 hones in on him, telling Barney his office will be in the head of the T. Rex. Barney says, "I never knew it 'til now, but I've always dreamed of that." Sven 1 tells him that on his desk there will be a button. Barney wants to know what it does. Sven 1 yells, "Press it. Press it for GLORY!" And touch my monkey, the T. Rex breathes fire! Barney shouts out, "Yes!" (They should have had him "Wooo!") "This is the most awesome building in the universe. There is no way this building could be more awesome!" Sven 1 points to the letter halo and says, "There is a strip club in the letter N." Nice research, Sven. Barney chokes with ecstacy, and we...

Flash forward to Barney and Marshall on the current GNB roof. Marshall gives him Hell for screwing over Ted. Barney says that Ted's building was good, but Sven's was better, but Marshall knows Barney just liked the building for selfish reasons. Barney says that's a lie. "I picked it, because it -- it... It breathes fire, Marshall." Marshall stops his tirade long enough to laugh at "Fire Marshall." Then he tears back into Barney, finally informing him there will be no more conference calls, and that there are repercussions to screwing over a friend -- and to throwing cans at pigeons, who are smart and hold grudges. He gives a pigeonesque bird call, then locks Barney out on the roof. Barney is left there to contemplate his sins -- all alone, until the pigeons arrive. One. Two. Three. Four. Five...

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