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You Would Woooo Too, If It Happened To You

Ted spends a couple of weeks immersed in his pitch, happy to be working on something he cares about. When the big morning finally arrives, he aces the GNB presentation and feels goods about his chances. Later that night, a grief-stricken Barney meets up with Lily, Marshall and Ted outside of MacLaren's and informs Ted that the board decided to go with Sven. They're interrupted by a loud "Woo!" coming from a cowgirl-hat-and-pink-gingham-tube-top-wearing Woo Girl, who is shouting through moon roof of a stretch Hummer limo. And you need to know, too, who is the girl that wooed? Who? It's none other than our very own Robin, that's who. The guys are amazed. Lily is disgusted. The limo passes out of view, and we cut to commercial.

At MacLaren's Ted is disappointed about the job. He thought he nailed it -- and he did, to my eyes. His building was big, garish, dwarfed its neighbors, and appeared to represent everything I like to think GNB must be. Barney apologizes to Ted, assuring him he did everything he could to change his co-workers' minds, but they wouldn't budge. Ted's feeling low. "Wow. This really sucks. After the way these last couple of months have gone, I guess I needed this more than I thought I did." Marshall rubs his arm, tenderly. "Hey, you wanna go down to the current GNB building and just like... I don't know... just pee on it a little bit?" Softly, somberly, Ted says, "Yeah. Yeah, I think I need that." Heh. As they rise, Robin walks in. Ted goes to put down his beer, but Barney stops him. "Finish your beer. Fill the tank." Ted walks out, still guzzling the beer, and just makes eyes at Robin. But OH MY WORD, did you see that? Did you see how long and hard Barney checked out Robin's ass? How did her pants not catch fire?

Robin sits with Lily and asks what happened. Lily tells her Ted didn't get the job. "But that's not the biggest disappointment of the day. We saw you woo!" Wait for it...

Robin says, "Saw who woo?"

"Saw you woo."

"I didn't woo."

"You did too."

"That's not true."

"Your nose just grew." Alyson and Cobie are awesome here. They never brake. They never over-play it. They just go through it as if they were having any other confrontational conversation. I heart them both. Lily continues, "So what, you're like best friends with Jillian now?" Robin denies this, but points out that whenever she's hanging with Lily, she's the third wheel to her and Marshall. "Sometimes it's fun to go out with other single women and do stuff you don't want to." Oh, yeah. There's more. When Lily asks, "Like what?" Robin replies, "Like woo, Lily. Like woo."

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