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Same night at MacLaren's: Barney shows up and tells Marshall to enjoy his last moment of the two of them being in competition for the title of Ted's Best Friend. Ted says Marshall's his best friend, and Barney agrees, "Exactly, it's a tie." Barney knows Ted hasn't had any exciting projects at work lately, but he's got news that's about to change that. GNB is moving forward on the plans for their new downtown headquarters. Is my bailout money going toward that shit? Anyhow, so far GNB has only been in talks with the Sven Architecture Collective, which Saget!Ted describes as a, "Swedish Architectural Collective noted for their bold, innovative designs. I hated those guys." Current-day Ted feels the same. "Sven?!? I hate those guys." He, Robin and Lily mock Sven to varying degrees, so Barney joins in, with a French accent. "I know. Ve are Sveeeedish. Ve are so cool with our baguettes and our Eiffel Tower." When Marshall reminds him that Sweden isn't France, Barney says, "Oh... it's France." Then he gets right back on course to ensconce himself as Ted's best friend. He has the gang imagine patriotic music and we flash back to GNB as Barney, accompanied by a Muzak version of the National Anthem, rises to his feet to decry the idea of GNB dealing with a foreign architecture firm. His co-worker Bilson says, "Look, Stinson, nobody hates every other country in the world as much as I do, but you'd better have a point." Nobody? Barney pimps Ted to Bilson and GNB. We flash forward to MacLaren's, where he tells Ted to make a pitch; he'll get the board to approve it and the job will be Ted's. Ted is thrilled. This will make him a big hero at his company.

The best part, from Marshall and Barney's perspective, is that they can bring Ted in on their "conference calls." Summoning one another to conference calls is their cover for ducking out of work to drink beers on the roof. Flash back to Marshall and Barney during a conference call. Marshall thinks it's awesome to be drinking at work. Barney says, "We're basically Mad Men." Marshall laughs: "We are; we're such Mad Men." Barney turns to leave, saying, "I'm going to go smack a secretary on the ass." Marshall says, "That's totally what they would do on that show." Barney stops at the doorway. "What show?" Flash-forward to MacLaren's, where Barney tells Ted they also throw crumpled up cans at pigeons (well, Marshall doesn't do that, but Barney does and Ted's game). Marshall, considering how much time you've spent in the city, you should now see them as rats with wings. C'mon! Ted's still hurting over his break-up with Stella, so getting a shot at realizing his dream of contributing a building to the (apparently pigeon-free) Big Apple skyline means so much to him.

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