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We're Not From Here

MacLaren's. It's taken this many months for Ted to ask Lily and Marshall whether being married feels any different. Marshall says it's pretty much the same except he might be getting carpal tunnel and his hand hurts. Barney asks immediately if that activity shouldn't have been cut down since the whole point of getting married is to not have to masturbate anymore. Boy, Barney, if I had a nickel...just one nickel. Not a lot of nickels. I swear it doesn't happen a lot. Oh, my God have I said too much. Marshall says it's from all the thank-you notes he's had to write. "Mostly," he adds. One of us! One of us! Lily says there are all these forms they have to sign in addition to the thank-you notes and the death folder. Barney stops her right there to ask about this "death folder." Is that from Harry Potter? They explain that it's all the information your spouse might need in case you die, all in one place. Passwords, addresses, a letter to the other person. My death letter just says, "Dear Rebecca: You should find Marshall and marry him. I would have. Love, O. P.S.: Boogety-boogety-boooooooo!" Lily gets up to get the next round of beers, and Marshall realizes he's a total jerk. "Yeah," Barney says. "But why?" Marshall didn't know he was supposed to write a death letter for Lily. Instead he just put financial stuff and a funny list of things to do with his ashes. "Marshall brownies?" Ted asks. That was #6 on the list. Marshall decides to write a letter that night. "Unless... you die between now and then," Barney teases. Ted joins in about how there's no way Marshall will die that night. Barney dares God to smite Marshall. Marshall says, "Ha ha" and even though he's superstitious, he's not at all freaked out. Then he knocks on wood, throws salt over his shoulder and spins around in place. "You guys are jerks," he announces.

Ba ba pa pa!

Let the boring Robin storyline begin. SagetTed explains that after their breakup she needed time away from everything, including herself. We go to "argentina" (lowercased), where Robin, with braids in her hair, is sitting on the floor eating with a big group of people including Gael. Robin, who's got awful braids in her hair, declares that we're all like one big glob of positive energy. Not right now, we're not. She wonders if anyone's ever thought before. Gael feeds her a tiny piece of fish. He says if she wants more, he'll go catch it with his hands. Some drums start to play. Robin is excited about a drum circle and says it's different every time. She wants to go watch!

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