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This Place About to Blow

With a title like that, I was kind of hoping the Farhampton Inn was going to be covered in molten lava and there would be some kind of body count. I feel totally misled. Instead, it's yet another pre-wedding run-up episode that just goes to show how ill-prepared Barney and Robin are to get married, and how Ted got super lucky meeting The Mother.

And yes, we actually get some more of The Mother, given that there are only a mere few episodes left (thankfully), we see that she not only loves Ted, but also can put up with his crappy stories on repeat. Can you imagine what living with Ted Mosby would be like? The horror. This woman is a saint. Sure, she calls him out when she's heard the wedding story before, but she happily plays along as he retells it for what looks like at least the fourth time.

In this installment of Two Idiots Getting Married, Robin is sitting in a hockey jersey a few hours before her wedding. No sign of the hair and makeup team that usually go along with these sorts of events, especially weddings on a large scale like this one. Instead, she wants to sit in her lovely hotel room and watch The Wedding Bride Too, written by Stella's husband about Ted, even though Ted made them all promise not to watch it. She laughs at the poorly scripted movie, and even Marshall comes to join in (until he finds out there's an insufferable character named Narshall and then he gets annoyed). The only person not amused by the screening is Lily, who wanted to spend the pre-ceremony time looking through a slightly stalkerish scrapbook she made for the happy couple. Then as a bid to get Robin's attention, she tries to redo her wedding pictures (you'll remember Marshall's head-shaving moment from their big day) and gets more upset when Robin doesn't care that Lily is also going to wear a wedding dress. Even Aria (or whatever Robin's sister's actual name is) seems to just chalk up this laid-back attitude to the Scherbatsky way.

On the groom's side, Barney is surrounded by what looks like an actual Barneys warehouse sale. Except here, all these suits have a sex story behind them or have magic pockets... or both. Barney had a suit made by one Mr. Tim Gunn and deems it too scratchy. Oh, hell no. And is Tim Gunn hung over somewhere? Why isn't he involved in this three-piece meltdown? Anyway, Barney tries on his collection of hundreds of suits for his big day, before Ted finally talks him into the Tim Gunn suit. At least he didn't bang someone on top of a car while wearing it.

In the end, the gang gets together, finds out Ted doesn't care that they watched the movie (he's even seen it on a plane... perhaps when he flew to California to get Robin's locket?) and that they all know that Ted is moving to Chicago. So it's their last day together, as well as the wedding day, and the only one dressed and ready is Barney. It isn't until Robin spots her mom in the hallway that she finally gets emotional, but that reunion will mostly have to wait until next week... or the finale, who knows with this show.

P.S. Sounds like The Mother is going to die at some point before Ted tells their kids the story of the show. Or at least that's what they want us to think right now.

How I Met Your Mother




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